Experiment Log 295-1-b
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Experiment Log of: Agent T███, testing practical uses of SCP-295-1. Experiments overseen and approved by Dr. ██████

Date: █/██/███

Experiment 1: Usage as lighter fluid (revised)

Materials: 1 ml SCP-295-1, 500 g consumer grade charcoal, mid-range coal grill, 2x100 g beef burger patties

Procedure: Coals arranged in a standard rough cone. SCP-295-1 applied to three coals. Tester wore standard "silver suit" heat protection gear.

Result: The treated coals combusted almost instantly, as expected. Remaining coals ignited very quickly. Patties cooked in approximately half expected time. Cooked patties, when tested in laboratory, showed no evidence of any unusual components.

Note: As expected, the secondary fires produce only normal combustion products and effects. And to whoever came up with the first lighter fluid test: You people are supposed to be research assistants. Perhaps next time, you should do some research when you design a test? Dr. Kondraki let you off easy. - Agent T███

Experiment 2: Possible application for rescue work

Materials: 1 D class personnel, 1 steel girder, 1 ml SCP-295-1, 20 g thermite paste.

Procedure: Class D's leg trapped under girder. A line of thermite paste was placed on the girder upslope from the pinned leg, SCP-295-1 applied to the thermite paste.

Result: The thermite ignited and combusted almost instantly, severing the girder with almost no splatter or spark. The upslope section fell to the ground. Water sprayed over the severed end steamed only slightly and briefly. D Class was not harmed.

Note: Just what I'd hoped for: The thermite released its energy and burned through the steel it was actually touching, but the reaction was too fast for much heat to transfer to the rest of the girder. This could be a very useful intrusion technique in addition to its rescue applications. - Agent T███

Experiment 3: Effects in oxygen-deprived environment

Materials: 1 filled 10 litre aquarium, 1 lead weight, 1x100 gram untreated oak block, 1 non-flammable syringe, 1 ml SCP-295-1

Procedure: The oak sample was weighted down in the aquarium, then injected with SCP-295-1.

Result: Over a period of approximately 2 seconds, the oak burned to charcoal.

Note: Interesting. Apparently, there was enough air in the channels to support very limited combustion. Next time, I'll try waterlogged wood. - Agent T███

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