Experiment Log 295-1-a
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Experiment Log of: Dr. Kondraki, testing practical uses of SCP-295-1

Date: █-██-████ to ██-█-████

Experiment 1: Human consumption testing

Materials: 5 ml of SCP-295-1

Procedure: Class D personnel given SCP-295-1 to ingest

Result: Subject reported mild heartburn and nausea, but no serious adverse effects observed. Subject’s digestive system temporarily operated at 25% additional efficiency.

Experiment 2: Usage as a portable source of light.

Materials: 20 ml of SCP-295-1, glass tubing, rubber grip, lighter.

Procedure: Glass tubing filled with SCP-295-1, reinforced by rubber grip.

Result: Device produced sufficient light to completely illuminate an area of 31m2 at 16145 lx for several hours. Applying a lighter to the surface of the glass relit the solution completely.

Experiment 3: Usage as an incendiary device

Materials: 200 ml of SCP-295-1, glass globe.

Procedure: Globe filled with SCP-295-1 and thrown into wooden test structure.

Result: All material that came in contact with SCP-295-1 instantly combusted as expected. Remaining structure of the building burned abnormally quickly from secondary conflagration. Only 20% of the structure’s initial mass remained after testing.

Note: Immediately following the conclusion of the test, approximately 56% of captive SCP-295 specimens began to pupate. - Dr. Kondraki

Experiment 4: Usage as lighter fluid

Materials: 100 ml of SCP-295-1, 1 bag of consumer grade charcoal, mid-range coal grill, 2 beef burger patties

Procedure: SCP-295-1 poured onto coal, while beef patties are prepared.


Note: I cannot fathom the lack of sense this required. Consider your position as an assistant terminated, and your security level revoked. I hope that gives you something to think about in-between skin grafts. - Dr. Kondraki

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