Experiment Log 198-A
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Experiment log of Dr. ███████ on SCP-198 testing various manifestations of its anomalous properties

Notes: Testing on SCP-198 is to be done outside of its containment room in a secure experimentation room. SCP-198 is to be placed via robotic means on a plain table in the center of the otherwise empty room. During experimentation, all Foundation personnel are to remotely observe either via surveillance camera or adjacent observation room behind a secure, plexiglass window. At no time should any Foundation personnel enter the experimentation room while experiments are being conducted. Armed guards and clean-up crews will be posted outside the experimentation room and will not enter until the test subject has expired.

Experiment 198-A-1

Date: ██-██-████
Procedure: Object is observed to have the form of a small glass of water. Class D personnel instructed to enter room and touch SCP-198 with his finger, but ordered not to hold or pick up the object.
Results: No bonding takes place and Class D personnel is unaffected.

Experiment 198-A-2

Date: ██-██-████
Procedure: Same Class D personnel is instructed to pick up SCP-198.
Results: Class D personnel screams in surprise as the bonding process takes place. Test subject immediately begins to try and pry SCP-198 from his hand. Test subject ordered to calm down and describe the contents of SCP-198:

Dr. ███████: Please describe the contents of the object in your hand.

Test Subject: What the ████ is going on?! I can’t get it off! [Liquid is seen spilling from SCP-198 as the test subject flails around.]

Dr. ███████: Yes, we are aware of the situation. Please calm down and describe the contents of the object in your hand.

[D Class personnel is seen to cautiously sniff the contents of SCP-198.]

Test Subject: Is that ████?! Oh god, that’s disgusting, man! [Test subject stumbles slightly and falls to one knee at this point.] Doc? I don’t feel so good, man.

Dr. ███████: Please describe what you’re feeling right now.

Test Subject: I… I feel weak. Tired. Thirsty, too. What’s going on? Can I get some water, man?
Dr. ███████: I'm sorry, I cannot do that. But perhaps the contents in your hand…?
Test Subject: Are you ███████ kidding me, man?! No ███████ way!
Dr. ███████: Suit yourself.

Approximately 2 hours into the experiment, the test subject is observed to curse loudly before gulping down the contents of SCP-198. Test subject periodically drinks from SCP-198 until finally succumbing to exhaustion and expiring 29 hours into the experiment. Subsequent autopsy determines the contents of the test subject's stomach to be mostly human urine. DNA profile on the urine came back inconclusive and with no known match in our database. Upon death of the test subject, SCP-198 unbonded, disappeared, and returned to the table in the form of a large, half-filled plastic pitcher of what appears to be ice and lemonade.

Experiment 198-A-3

Date: ██-██-████
Procedure: Class D personnel instructed to enter room and don surgical gloves placed on the table next to SCP-198. Once the test subject is wearing the gloves, subject is instructed to pick up SCP-198 (still in lemonade pitcher form) and pour herself a glass.
Results: Test subject is observed to use both hands to lift the pitcher to pour a drink. Once again, Class D personnel shouts in surprise as the bonding process takes place despite the gloves and appears to have both hands bonded to SCP-198. Test subject is highly agitated and clearly in pain.

Test Subject: Ow! Owowow! It burned me!

Dr. ███████: It would appear that both of your hands are stuck to the container. Is that the case?

Test Subject: Yeah! Does it look like I'm not stuck?! [Test subject is visibly straining to pull her hands apart from SCP-198.]

Dr. ███████: Can you remove your hands from the gloves?

Test Subject: No! They're stuck to this damn thing, t—! [Test subject pauses mid-sentence and stares at the pitcher in her hands. Seconds later, test subject is seen vomiting violently and falling to her knees. A brownish, semi-solid mass spills onto the floor from SCP-198.]

Dr. ███████: Can you please describe the contents of the pitcher, please?

Test Subject: ████! ████! ████!

Test subject continued vomiting for approximately ten minutes before collapsing to the floor. Test subject became uncooperative at this point and would not respond to the researcher's requests. Security guards are instructed to enter the experimentation room and terminate test subject. Testing concluded that the substance in question was human feces. Again, the DNA profile of the substance was inconclusive and matchless in our database. Upon death of the test subject, SCP-198 unbonded and remained in its lemonade pitcher form, once again half-filled with what appeared to be lemonade and ice but did not teleport back to the table surface.

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