Experiment Log 187 1
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Experiment Log of: Dr. Gears, testing exposure of SCP-187 to other SCP items.

Date: ██-██-████ to ██-██-████

Experiment-01: Exposure to SCP-173

SCP-187 produced a sustained scream for one minute, thirty-eight seconds before losing consciousness and falling to the ground. SCP-187 had to be physically removed, and maintained a state of catatonia for 48 hours. SCP-187 regained consciousness, but was unable to remember what she had seen, and remained in mild shock for several days.

Experiment-02: Exposure to SCP-139-ARC

SCP-187 stated that she saw several bone fragments scattered around, along with [DATA EXPUNGED], as yet not identified. SCP-187 became extremely upset, screaming “it can see me! it’s out, it can fucking see me!” several times, and had to be physically restrained and removed.

Experiment-03: Exposure to SCP-162

SCP-187 felt no “pull” from SCP-162, and asked why she was viewing a pile of melted slag. SCP-187 removed from containment without incident.

Experiment-04: Exposure to SCP-529

SCP-187 appeared very nervous, asking “is this a joke?” several times. SCP-187 reported that she saw a cat, and that it looked somewhat lonely. SCP-187 proceeded to pet SCP-529, moving her hand over where the hindquarters would be, as if stroking the tail. Increased observation of SCP-529 requested.

Experiment-05: Exposure to SCP-003

SCP-187 appeared nervous, then said “hello” to SCP-003. SCP-187 appeared to then engage in conversation with SCP-003; however no member of staff was able to hear any speech or other auditory emanations from SCP-003. When questioned, SCP-187 responded that SCP-003 was “A very nice lady, she seems really smart.” Increased security and review of SCP-003 has been requested.

Experiment-06: Exposure to SCP-882

SCP-187 entered the containment area, and viewed SCP-882. SCP-187 moved back several steps, and appeared to be in mild shock. SCP-187 was questioned, and responded “Jesus…it’s huge…this is…amazing.” SCP-187 stopped responding to questions and continued to stare at SCP-882 without blinking for three minutes. SCP-187 had to be physically removed from the containment area to continue questioning. SCP-187 appeared dazed, and responded: “it’s so…I mean, it’s so complex…it’s sick, with all the bones and blood in it, but it looks like the inside of a fifty foot tall clock. It’s…kinda pretty.”

Shortly before SCP-187 was returned to containment, SCP-187 suddenly fell to the ground, screaming and holding her head. After several hours, during which SCP-187 was heavily sedated and unresponsive to questioning, SCP-187 reported “grinding, smashing, squealing…it sounded like a train wreck that just went on and on.” SCP-187 reported the sound lasted for approximately three hours before fading out of hearing. Increased security around SCP-882 has been requested.

Experiment-07: Exposure to SCP-███


Experiment-08: Exposure to SCP-015

SCP-187 was exposed to SCP-015, with the help of team Zeta-9. SCP-187 reported only slight differences in the structure, until she opened a door leading outside of SCP-015. SCP-187 reported a hallway of pipes stretching for “miles and miles.” SCP-187 stated that she was not able to see the other end of the hall, but that it “seemed to branch off to the sides, with lots of side hallways.” Zeta-9 team members reported no unusual behavior within SCP-015, and that the door opened into open air, with no hallway of any kind visible.

Experiment-09: Exposure to SCP-415

SCP-187 begins observation of SCP-415, and immediately appears to be agitated. SCP-187 appears to be feeling physically ill, and asks repeatedly to be removed from observation. Questioning reveals that SCP-187 observed an empty, diseased corpse that had partially decomposed. Increased security of SCP-415 advised.

Experiment-10: Exposure to SCP-455

SCP-187 is taken to observe SCP-455 from a small zodiac craft. SCP-187 takes a sharp intake of breath, then shakes her head and attempts to look away. SCP-187 has to be physically manipulated to continue observation of SCP-455. SCP-187 makes several inarticulate noises, before screaming several times. SCP-187 observed “A huge…thing. It was a mass of metal, just floating, like a big island made of rusty…bulges. It was like it was…sick, with tumors, but it was all metal. I could…feel it. It's not alive, it never was, but it…thinks it is. It's…what the hell was that?”. Re-continuation of recon team insertion into SCP-455 is under review.

Experiment-11: Exposure to SCP-343

SCP-187 enters containment with SCP-343. SCP-187 and SCP-343 appear to converse without incident about general topics for nearly half a hour (SEE TRANSCRIPT 33A-R). SCP-187 stated that SCP-343 “appears really nice, if kinda lonely. For a little girl, she's really well spoken! What is she, six, maybe seven?”. Increased research efforts in to SCP-343 are under review.

Experiment-12: Exposure to SCP-646

SCP-187 becomes violently ill upon observation of SCP-646. After recovery, SCP-187 stated that she observed “giant maggot…things. Hundreds of them, with kinda human bodies and faces…they had these…tentacle things, all stuck in to each other, and they were all squirming and…god. There was one near the middle…it wasn't soft, it had some kind of shell…and this kind of jelly head…it was…I think it was mating…”. Enhanced security for SCP-646 advised.

Experiment-13: Exposure to SCP-106

SCP-187 observation test aborted after thirty seconds, due to escape incident by SCP-106. SCP-187 appeared to observe staff under attack or undergoing intense physical torture and mutilation two minutes before attack or capture. SCP-106 appeared to specifically target staff under observation by SCP-187. SCP-106 appeared to specifically avoid harming SCP-187 on three separate incidents. Under questioning, SCP-187 said “That…that thing wanted an audience. Someone to watch. It likes it.” SCP-187 refused to elaborate. Further questioning pending.

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