Experiment Log 158 Aa
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Experiment Log of: Dr. Heinrich Driesch, a medical researcher assigned to SCP-158.

Date: ██-██-2008

  • Experiment-01:

The device worked perfectly. It seems the damage to its casing was merely cosmetic. But more interesting was the substance extracted from Subject-001A. It's a dark brown in color, and is some strange cross between liquid and gaseous states. It should be analyzed in around an hour. Attempts to get the subject to show any sort of brain activity since has, as of yet, met with no progress. Still, no great loss there.

  • Experiment-02:

This time, the substance was a light blue, and it seems more… active than the previous one. I wonder if it had anything to do with the difference in age…

  • Experiment-03:

The test results came back, but they were inconclusive. They couldn't find anything. Literally. There were no signs that the substance even existed, apart from the steady emitting of light and heat. Anything else, nothing.

Again, this subject has produced another different sample, different in color, and in the energy output. This is quite odd.

  • Experiment-06:

There was a slight accident, involving my assistant, Lucy. I'm not sure how she managed it, but she knocked the sample from Subject-006B onto her laptop. The strange thing was, was that it was out of power before hand. Now, it's running, despite the fact both the plug and battery have been removed. However, there are some irregularities in its actions, small glitches, nothing serious. It makes me wonder.

  • Experiment-11:

This is the last one for the night. This sample is different, just like all the rest, but I've been noticing some semblance of a pattern to it. After a few more experiments tomorrow, I believe I'll be able to elaborate.

None of the subjects extracted from today have come out of the vegetative state. There's physically nothing wrong with them. Nothing at all. I've had them screened for every possible medical anomaly. They're just not there. Lights are on, but nobody's home. Still, despite this, I'm keeping them restrained and under guard, and Lucy's laptop, just in case. With the kind of things that go on around here, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Date: ██-██-2008

  • Experiment-24:

I was right, there is a pattern to it. I'm almost certain the irregularities in the energy output are caused by the subject's age and vitality. As for the difference in colors, I think it may be down to the subject's disposition, but I'm not sure. I need to run a couple more tests, and get the original files on the subjects.

Lucy's laptop is still running, despite not actually having a proper power supply for two days. There's no trace of the substance, internal or external. There's not even a mark on the casing. The irregularities are strange too. If left idle on a word processor, text will write itself, but it's gibberish. Still, it's an experiment that warrants some investigation.

  • Experiment-27:

I've tried putting the substances obtained from the subjects into a variety of mechanical and electronic devices. The results are surprising. All of them have begun to work independently of an external power source. The ones of an electrical nature exhibited slight glitches of a intermittent nature. The mechanical items worked far more smoothly, although there was still the occasional oddity.

The experimentation on the subjects continues. I think we'll stop when we go through around fifty.

Date: ██-██-2008

  • Experiment-45:

The substances implanted in the objects have proven to be able to be removed from them using the machine. When they were extracted, they were exactly the same as beforehand, pre-implantation. We could use these as a type of infinite energy. But, we'd have to find a way past the constant discrepancies in behavior.

I've left the original one in Lucy's computer, much to her chagrin. The glitches seem to be getting more frequent, and more specific. Now, it opens the word processor itself, and types coherent sentences. I've saved them to file for research purposes. The camera and microphone activate themselves, and try and remain on regardless of attempts to turn them off. After a while of doing that, the word processor opened and typed out the words "QUIT IT YOU ASSHOLE". I'm submitting it for a Turing Test.

Date: ██-██-2008

  • Experiment-49:

The laptop passed the test, and has displayed characteristics similar to Subject-006B, the original donor, although subject states that it has no memory of the time past when it was interred in the laptop. This confirms my suspicions. Against all logic and scientific reason, SCP-158 is a device that extracts what most people would term a soul. This only opens up the possibilities for experimentation. This session, however, is over.

Notes: Dr. Driesch is promoted to the head of studies regarding SCP-158. Further experimentation on SCP-158 and its products will continue.

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