Experiment Log 1528
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Experiment Log for SCP-1528 Testing

Test Standard

**Object flaw:**

Subject: D-23461
Object: Illustration
Object flaw: Subject of illustration was an "impossible triangle."
Result: Subject went into immediate epileptic shock. Upon regaining consciousness, subject stated they could only remember "the whole room turning inside out."

Subject: D-71902
Object: A bottle labeled with the Coca-Cola brand.
Object flaw: Bottle contained Pepsi-Cola
Result: D-71902 complained that any food or drink they were given tasted "off" while affected. Subject did not state that they had a strong preference for either beverage before or after the test.

Subject: D-44431
Object: One chocolate bar
Object flaw: The chocolate bar had been bitten sideways.
Result: D-44431 refused to consume chocolates or chocolate flavored object in any way other than consuming them sideways. D-44431 still consumed non-chocolate foodstuffs normally.

Subject: D-82654
Object: The testing chamber.
Object flaw: D-82654 has a mental disorder which causes him to believe every room has something "wrong" with it.
Result: D-82654's mental disorder was not temporarily alleviated, as expected. Instead, he began to apply the same specific flaw that he saw in the test chamber to every room he was taken in to observe. For the record, the specific flaw he noted was the "paint being too dry."

Subject: D-87661
Object: D-00391, who is an amputee (left arm).
Object flaw: D-87661 suffers from body integrity identity disorder.
Result: D-87661 began to report that they felt their left arm had been "liberated" from their body. Analysis of D-87661's left arm showed a complete lack of sensory input to the brain. D-87661's sensory information returned to normal immediately after being made unconscious following the test.

Subject: D-32642
Object: D-09871
Object flaw: D-09871 suffers from dwarfism.
Result: D-32642 had difficulty moving with precision, and reported seeing non-structural objects as significantly smaller than they actually were. He reported his perceived height to be 3 meters tall, and had similar reports for the size of other people.

Subject: D-28830
Object: A mirror
Object flaw: None. Intended as a baseline test.
Result: D-28830 appears disoriented, exhibits laterally inverted movement. Subject further attempts to grasp objects with her opposite hand. Reports the entire facility appears "backwards". Of particular interest is that, although right-handed, D-28830 was able to write with her left hand with no difficulty (albeit inverted).

Subject: D-56790
Object: A monitor displaying Java source code written in the ███████ IDE.
Object flaw: The name of a core library was misspelled.
Result: (D-56790 was a programmer.) Subject believed that the misspelled name was the correct name. When asked to write code D-56790 could not perceive the errors, instead he perceived the code as doing what he would expect (bugs did not appear if he expected the code to work). When the code was corrected he perceived the compiler as giving an error.

Subject: D-56922
Object: A piece of cooked venison.
Object flaw: A bite was taken out of it.
Result: The subject refused to eat intact food. Any items that had not been partially consumed by another individual were reported as "unsanitary". Testing established that this included food personally prepared by D-56922 under sterile conditions.

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