Experiment Log 151-D
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As of ██/██/████ SCP-151-D has agreed to testing of his acclaimed invincibility.

Test 1: SCP-017

SCP-151 exposed to SCP-017. When SCP-151's shadow made contact with SCP-017, SCP-017 extended along it, in an attempt to "absorb" SCP-151. As captured by the high-speed camera used to record the event, SCP-151 vanished just before SCP-017 made contact with it, reappearing outside the containment area.

Test 2: SCP-094

SCP-151 entered SCP-094. The image of SCP-151 entering SCP-094 became frozen in place. SCP-151 reappeared 3 hours later, unharmed, claiming that "it was a fun ride."

Test 3: SCP-145

SCP-151 answered SCP-145 and vanished. SCP-145 fell to the ground, and was replaced by personnel. SCP-151 reappeared several minutes later, again unharmed. It claims to have been transported to [DATA EXPUNGED].

Test 4: SCP-409

SCP-151 exposed to SCP-409. SCP-151 was consumed completely within 3 hours. SCP-151 began to convert back to normal from the point of exposure after 12 hours, at which point personnel attempted to destroy the crystalline portions of SCP-151, but were barred from approach.

Test 5: SCP-158

SCP-158 showed no reaction to SCP-151

Test 6: SCP-689

SCP-151 entered SCP-689's containment area. Lights extinguished for 5 seconds. SCP-151 was found on the ground with SCP-689 atop. SCP-151 revived itself 24 minutes later.

Test 7: SCP-071


Test 8: SCP-053

SCP-151 displayed no reaction initially. Then it [DATA EXPUNGED].

Test 9: SCP-035

SCP-151 exposed to SCP-035. After 12 days SCP-035 completely decomposed SCP-151. SCP-151 began to reform from SCP-035's excrement after 12 hours. As with Test 4, personnel were barred from entering the chamber, and thus could not terminate SCP-151 before it reformed completely.

Test 10: SCP-682

SCP-151 entered SCP-682's chamber. SCP-682 attacked SCP-151, biting off its left arm. The arm spontaneously regenerated. SCP-151 then forcibly removed SCP-682's lower jaw, subdued SCP-682, then severed its head utilizing SCP-682's own lower jaw. SCP-151 then left SCP-682's chamber. Neither SCP neutralized.

Test 11: SCP-056

SCP-151 entered SCP-056's chamber. SCP-056 changed into [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-151 attempted the same evasion method as in Test 1, but rather than vanish, it became momentarily transparent, before being captured by SCP-056. SCP-056 proceeded to dismember SCP-151. SCP-151 attempted to regenerate, but SCP-056 emitted a gray-black "flame" from its body, terminating SCP-151 and destroying SCP-056's containment area. SCP-056 was contained by D Class personnel and its cell rebuilt. SCP-151 reclassified as neutralized.


This may seem like a victory: after all, we destroyed a sentient, malicious, and seemingly invincible creature. But SCP-056's reaction to SCP-151 means that there is a bigger, badder version of SCP-151 out there somewhere. I suggest we do more research into the weaponization of SCPs to prepare for it.

-Dr. ███

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