Experiment Log 1128
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Experiment log 1128-A-1

Date: ██-██-██
Procedure: D-class exposed to SCP-1128 outfitted with diving gear and communication device, then lowered into tub of water.
Result: See Interview 1128-██

Experiment log 1128-A-2

Date: ██-██-██
Procedure: D-class exposed to SCP-1128 and equipped with SCUBA gear placed into a standard protective "shark cage" and lowered into water.
Result: No response for approximately █ seconds, then line went taut and was severed at a point beneath the water. Remains of D-class as well as jagged steel fragments, presumably remnants of the cage, surfaced shortly afterward.

Experiment log 1128-A-3

Date: ██-██-██
Procedure: Same as above. Cage treated with SCP-███ to increase durability.
Result: Same as above, no remains surfaced.
Notes: ██ hours later, MCF "Sea Devils" reported finding an intact shark cage floating beneath surface of patrol area near one of their vessels. Item was retrieved and confirmed to match description of cage used in Experiment 1128-A-3. Cage was undamaged but bore traces of human DNA and feces of indeterminate origin. No further remains of D-class found.

Experiment log 1128-A-4

Date: ██-██-██
Procedure: Exposed D-class equipped with diving gear and armed with [REDACTED] for use against "hostile organisms". Unlike previous tests, subject was also equipped with a live-feed video camera attached to his helmet.
Result: Video feed shows weapon was ineffective against SCP-1128, appearing only to enrage the creature rather than harm it considerably or drive it away. Feed was lost when D-class was devoured. Staff involved treated with amnestics following transcription of video feed.

Experiment log 1128-A-5

Date: ██-██-██
Procedure: Exposed D-class equipped with protective environment suit and video feed lowered into a vat of [REDACTED] to test SCP-1128 manifestation in liquids other than water. Substance chosen for its low density allowing free movement similar to walking in open air.
Result: D-class recovered without incident, liquid did not trigger SCP-1128's effect.
Note: Ok, so you might be safe from the thing in liquids other than water, but that probably won't help you much unless you intend to drink and bathe in exotic chemicals for the rest of your life, which probably would get a lot shorter if you tried that. -Dr. ████

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