Experiment Log 080-2
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Experiment 080-2-A:

Date: █-█-20██
Subject: D-080-1, Male, 19 years old
Procedure: Subject was sent into room with SCP-080

Subject entered room containing SCP-080 at 14:26.

<Begin Log, [14:26]>

Dr. █████: D-080-1, do you see anything?

D-080-1: No. It’s pitch black in here.

(Subject is silent for several minutes)

D-080-1: Did you just let something in here? It feels like something’s watching me.

Dr. █████: No, D-080-1. We did not let anything into the room.

D-080-1: What the fuck is that? (D-080-1 is seen tripping and falling to the floor.)

Dr. █████: What do you see?

D-080-1: This giant blackness, like someone just standing in the corner. Oh God, it’s looking right at me! Let me out! (D-080-1 proceeds to pound on the door leading into the antechamber.)

Dr. █████: It’s looking at you? Please describe its physical appearance.

D-080-1: I don’t know! Oh God, let me out. I don’t want to be in here. (D-080-1 starts whimpering.)

Dr. █████: Tell me what it looks like D-080-1. Then we can let you out.

D-080-1: It- it looks like a figure, hunched in the corner.

Dr. █████: Is it a human?

D-080-1: It’s too big to be human. (D-080-1 yawns.) It’s still looking at me, Doc, still staring.

Dr. █████: Move closer to it.

(D-080-1 proceeds to move to the corner of the room, obviously experiencing difficulty staying on his feet.)

D-080-1: Its eyes look like vapour, just staring at me. Like it wants me to do someth- (D-080-1 falls to the floor again.)

Dr. █████: D-080-1 can you hear me?

(Subject is unresponsive for the next 5 minutes)

<End Log, [14:58]>

Subject presumably collapsed. Subsequently no remains of D-080-1 were found and it is assumed SCP-080 consumed D-080-1.

Experiment 080-2-B:

Date: ██-██-20██
Subject: D-080-2, Female, 30 years old
Procedure: Subject was sent into room with SCP-080, with intent to physically interact with SCP-080.

Subject entered room containing SCP-080 at 17:35 under instruction of Dr. █████.

<Begin Log, [17:35]>

Dr. █████: Tell me what you see.

D-080-2: I don’t see jack shit. Why is it so dark in here? (after several minutes) Holy shit, what is that? It’s just standing in the middle of the room.

Dr. █████: Describe what you see.

D-080-2: It’s just standing in the middle of the room, I can make out two…eyes, I guess.

Dr. █████: Could you please approach it and let us know if anything changes.

D-080-2: I feel drowsy… did you slip me something, or what?

Dr. █████: Reach out and touch it. Tell me what you feel.

D-080-2: You want me to touch that thing?

Dr. █████: Yes, please proceed.

(After a few minutes of argument, it is presumed that D-080-2 proceeds to touch SCP-080, at this time the subject becomes unresponsive.)

<End Log, [18:12]>

Subject was found asleep in the corner of SCP-080’s containment room, subject appeared to suffer no physical harm during experiment. Subject was interviewed after medical staff deemed D-080-2 to be in good physical health. (See Attached Interview Log 080-1).

Experiment 080-3-C:

Date: ██-██-20██
Subject: D-080-3, Male, 24 years old
Procedure: Subject was sent into room with SCP-080, having been given a powerful amphetamine.

Upon entering the room, subject was advised to tell researchers what he saw. Subject describes a shadow-like figure in the center of the room. Subject was informed to stand still and inform researchers of any changes. Ten minutes into the experiment, subject began yawning and became noticeably frightened. Subject became uncooperative and attempted to escape the containment room. Upon failing to escape, subject announced an intent to harm SCP-080, and presumably attempted to attack it. Upon doing so, subject immediately collapsed.

D-080-3’s body was recovered from SCP-080’s containment room soon afterwards, having apparently suffered a major heart attack. Upon collecting D-080-3’s body, researchers described an intense feeling of unease, a feeling of being watched, as well as a more acute awareness of SCP-080’s presence in the room.

Interview Log 080-1:

Interviewed: D-080-2

Interviewer: Dr. █████

Foreword: D-080-2 was interviewed following an inconclusive experiment involving SCP-080, where the subject was secured in the room with SCP-080 for 37mins.

<Begin Log>

Dr. █████: Please describe what you remember from the experiment.

D-080-2: (Dr. █████ later notes that D-080-2 had a ‘spaced-out’ expression and tone of voice.) You told me to walk over to it and touch it, I didn’t want to, I didn’t.

Dr. █████: What happened when you touched it?

D-080-2: When I touched it? Have you seen that thing? Touch it. I couldn’t move, it was staring at me, and I just couldn’t move.

Dr. █████: You didn’t respond for several minutes, what were you doing?

D-080-2: (becoming increasingly agitated) It just stared at me, I couldn’t move. I couldn’t breathe. (D-080-2 starts to hyperventilate.)

Dr. █████: Calm down D-080-2, take a deep breath. Do you remember falling asleep?

D-080-2: It just stared and stared, not moving but I felt something! I was on the floor and they were all over me. They’re here! (D-080-2 begins to scream and abruptly gets to their feet.) No, they’re trying to take me away, back to that thing. I won’t go back! You can’t make me go back in there!

(D-080-2 lunges at Dr. █████, is subsequently terminated.)

<End Log>

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