Expedition Log: Ψ13-2815-1612-1
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Audiovisual transcript of Expedition Ψ13-2815-1612-1

At the request of Dr. Hidegkúti, a manned expedition comprising a squad from MTF Psi-13 "Witch Hunters" utilizing N,N-Dimethyltryptamine was dispatched into ███ on ██████████. All squad members were fitted with omnidirectional microphones and headmounted minicameras. The expedition, commencing at █████ █████, was intended to exploit overcast nighttime conditions to infiltrate the grounds of Ivády Manor and investigate SCP-2815-5. Primary objective was uncovering relevant data as to SCP-2815-5's anomalous attributes, specifically the presence of a presumed extradimensional portal. Secondary objectives, conditional upon the primary, included exploring, mapping and retrieving samples from said extradimensional space, if possible.

Basic commands and non-relevant chatter have been redacted from this transcript to conserve space.

Personnel list:
- Dr. Hidegkúti Lajos: Head of research for SCP-2815, expedition supervisor.
- Dr. Calixto Narváez: Head of research for SCP-████, present for advisory purposes due to experience with similar operations with SCP-2480.
- Major Miloš Obrenović "Domovoi": Commander of Epsilon-6 detachment in charge of SCP-2815 containment, present due to familiarity with ███ and SCP-2815, expedition commander.
- Sgt. Charles F. Brandon "Stalker": Psi-13 expedition squad leader. Designation FT-A1.
- Squad members are denoted by shorthand (e.g. FT-B1), where 'FT' stands for 'fire team', 'B' is fire team designation and '1' denotes fire team member.

Camera feed (Stalker POV) shows expedition in transit towards ███. Approximately 2 km from the village, squad disembarks and proceeds towards destination on foot. Once arrived, they quickly make their way to Ivády Manor. A snap gun is shown being used to unlock the front gate, with squad members cautiously proceeding onto the manor grounds, leaving the gate closed but unlocked behind them. Squad arrives at SCP-2815-5 at █████, local time.

Stalker: This is Stalker. We're in position. Do you read?
Domovoi: We read you, Stalker. What's your status?
Stalker: All green. It's perfectly quiet here, almost seems abandoned. Encountered no contacts on approach either.
Dr. Hidegkúti: Acknowledged. Can you make out any unusual features on the tree?
Stalker: Affirmative, Doc. I'm facing it right now. It's a… erm… it looks like a err…

Cam feed shows the characteristic bark of an aged specimen of Juglans regia, though no anomalies appear in the footage. Squad members' movements variably suggest mild unease, confusion, amusement.

Dr. Hidegkúti: We can't confirm a visual, Stalker. Can you describe the anomaly?
Stalker: It err…
FT-Δ3: It looks like a pussy, Sir.
Dr. Hidegkúti: A what?
Stalker: Vagina, Doc. It looks like a vagina. Or an erm… vulva, rather.
Domovoi: Acknowledged, Stalker. Our agents have confirmed the locals consider walnuts to be a fertility symbol. It's likely related. Can you tell us anything about the anomaly?
Stalker: Well, it's err… it doesn't move, it appears dry. Wooden, looks like a burl, very much. About 2,5 metres high and three quarter metres wide. Rest looks like a regular walnut tree.
Dr. Hidegkúti: Noted. Try touching it.

FT-Γ2 produces a stun baton, with which she proceeds prodding the anomaly. The baton appears to hit solid material approximately 30 cm from the surface of the tree trunk. Stalker reports no reaction. FT-Γ2 attempts touching the same spot with one hand, then slowly begins stroking it, giving the appearance of waving at empty air. Initially, no reaction is discernible. After exactly 5 seconds, Stalker reports the anomaly changing, although video footage shows no change.

Stalker: It's moved a bit, widened by about a quarter metre. I can see a hole in the centre now, about half a metre long. There's… it's exuding some sort of resin. Floppy, take a sample.

FT-B2 approaches anomaly and retrieves a small tube of the resinous substance.

FT-B2: It's funny, Sir. It's viscous alright, like the usual stuff, but this has the consistency of gel. Dissolves real easily and is pretty slippery. Bet I could use this in place of gun lube. Sample retrieved.
Dr. Hidegkúti: Good job, Beta Two.
Dr. Narváez: Stalker, knowing Sarkic cults, I would assume the resin is meant to facilitate entrance. Try sending somebody through. 10 seconds elapse without any activity.
Domovoi: You heard the Doc, boys and girls. Get moving.
Stalker: Yes, Commander. Hey, Stains, in you go.

FT-Δ2 is shown cautiously approaching the tree. POV shifts to FT-Δ2's camera, which, when approximately 2 cm from the surface of the trunk, shows it splitting vertically and widening into a black hole, enveloping the field of view. Δ2's heavy breathing is clearly audible, along with the sound of coarse fabric sliding against soft tissue. After ca 20 seconds of pushing, FT-Δ2 emerges in an enclosed space reminiscent of the interior of a lighthouse. Surfaces appear to be composed of walnut lumber, though the circular bend of the wood seems to defy the material's fractal toughness. Chamber appears dimly illuminated, though no light source can be identified. Δ2 takes to narrating her passage as a means to reduce anxiety.

FT-Δ2: Erm… It's tight in here. Feeling a light squeeze from both sides, pretty uncomfortable. The walls are moist and squishy, lot softer than I expected from a tree. *Δ2 emerges into chamber. Alright, I made it through. Seems safe enough. I'm in some kind of room, circular, goes way up. There's a stairwell here, spiral-shaped, goes both up and down. Not much else. Err… It's all made of wood. Hard, like it's supposed to be, unlike the entrance. Place feels kind of off, too.
Domovoi: Affirmative Delta-Two. Fire teams Alpha, Gamma and Delta are to proceed through the opening. Fire team Beta is to remain outside and watch for hostiles until either all fire teams have reemerged from the opening or until further orders. Delta-Two, take some measurements and try gathering some samples if you can. All units, do you copy?
Stalker: Stalker here, we copy, Commander. Proceeding through the opening.
FT-B1: This is Beta Leader. Orders received. Setting up a perimeter now.
FT-Δ2: Delta-Two, proceeding as ordered.

Camera feed shifts cycles between Stalker, FT-Δ2 and FT-Γ1 until all fire teams have made it through into the chamber. Δ2 is shown taking measurements of reality, temperature, atmospheric pressure, width and durability of chamber, as well as sampling air and wood shavings from the walls.

FT-B1: Perimeter secure. Holding position. Awaiting orders.
FT-Δ2: Kant counter fluctuates between 54 and 62 humes… Measuring tape comes out at roughly 7,5 m, but the place doesn't look more than three metres wide… Thermometer shows a stable 34 degrees Celsius… Barometer shows around 360 kilopascals… Air sample retrieved and sealed… Gonna try and see how hard these walls are… Hm, just like any normal wood. Kinda disappointed, to be honest. I'm going to shave off a bit of it for you guys to take a look at… There, done. Awaiting further instructions.
Dr. Hidegkúti: Great job, Delta-Two. Now wait for the others to come through.

A further 5 minutes elapse until all fire teams are through.

Stalker: This is Stalker. Alpha, Gamma and Delta teams are through. What are your orders?
Dr. Hidegkúti: Excellent, Stalker. Now I would like you to take a team and explore upstairs.
Domovoi: This is Domovoi. Alpha and Delta teams are to proceed upstairs and report progress. Gamma team is to hold the ground floor until either the return of Alpha and Delta teams or until further orders.
Stalker: Roger, Domovoi. Flopdog, you take point, Delta team follows. Alpha team, you're after me.
Dr. Hidegkúti: Mythological narratives suggest possibility of malignant entities residing in the lower levels. Gamma-One, keep a close eye on the descending stairs, we don't want any nasty surprises.
FT-Γ1: Understood, Doc. Thanks for the heads up! Assuming position.

Feed switches to FT-Γ1, showing her team assuming defensive positions around the ground, then switches to FT-Δ3, who takes the lead in ascending the spiral staircase. Ascension continues for a good half hour without discernible progress, the fire teams taking one short break during that time. After 30 minutes, Alpha and Delta teams arrive at a chamber similar to the ground floor one. By this point, the fire teams have ascended beyond the externally visible height of SCP-2815-5. Delta team proceeds to take complementary measurements for contrastive purposes, noting that readings remain largely the same. Timestamp displays ████.

Stalker: This is Stalker. We've reached the top of the staircase. Room is almost identical to ground floor, only there's a door where the vaginal portal would be, and a ladder going farther up. I'd say, about twenty metres, from where I'm looking. Can't say for sure though, spacetime's all off in here. We'll be taking a break, that walk was surprisingly exhausting.
Dr. Narváez: Roger, Stalker. While you're at it, make sure to take your second dose of DMT. The come-down might be what's causing those odd sensations.
Stalker: Affirmative, Doctor. All units, this is Stalker, time to take your medicine. Doctor's orders.

The group settles down for a short rest and meal. All squad members administer another 60mg of N,N-DMT. Break lasts for 15 minutes.

Stalker: We're ready, Command. Requesting orders. Tinny, Gusto, status report.
FT-B1: Gusto here. No changes to report. Place is dead.
FT-Γ1: This is Tinny. We've been hearing some strange sounds from downstairs. Sound pretty far down though, barely audible, and they're pretty infrequent. Stopped about twenty minutes ago. Had Pinwheel set up a claymore though, just in case. Better safe than sorry. Other than that, nothing new.
Dr. Narváez: We heard you, Gamma-One. Stay frosty and look out for additional sounds. Mic muted; to assistant. Get somebody to analyze Gamma team's audio! Now! High Priority. Keep me updated. Mic unmuted.
Dr. Hidegkúti: Send somebody to check out that ladder. Measure length as you go.
Stalker: Copy, Doc. Flybag, I want you to climb that ladder and see what's up there. Stains, go attach some measuring tape to Flybag's ass, let's see how tall this place is.

A string of affirmatives follow as preparations are made. FT-Δ2 readies instruments, after which FT-Δ4 begins climbing the ladder. Alpha team and the remainder of Delta team take up defensive positions. Camera feeds switches to Δ4, whose pace seems slower than initial visual would have suggested. Chamber is shown narrowing along with ascent, prompting Δ4 to attach an anchor and safety line on the opposite wall once within arm's reach. Continuing upward, Δ4 reaches the end of the ladder after 20 minutes of additional climbing, though he exhibits no exhaustion. Four small windows are located at the top, one for each cardinal direction, in a narrow space not larger than to accommodate a human head. FT-Δ4 takes time to examine the landscape beyond each window, invariably showing what appears a major city. Colours of edifices are predominantly shades of red and brown. Material confirmed to consist of a mix of mammalian soft tissue, various chitinous substances and osseous materials. All edifices appear animate and can be observed contracting and expanding in slow but regular patterns, consistent with typical breathing motion, suggesting edifices may be alive. Sky is overcast with rust-coloured clouds, the speed of which indicates windy weather. Ground seems covered in a plum-coloured unidentified, presumably organic substance. Several black flags were observed fluttering in the air, emblazoned with a circular golden symbol in the middle.

FT-Δ4: Command, you reading this? This place looks messed up, awfully dreary. I'd say it's clearly Sarkic, tell-tale meaty buildings all over. And those black flags look awfully familiar. What do you say? You recognize any of this?
Dr. Narváez: Affirmative, Delta-Four, we read you. Though we can't quite make out any details, I'd say you're right. Though I can't place the settlement. We'll need to investigate further for that. You may return now, Delta-Four. Good job.

FT-Δ4 begins slow descent back towards top floor. Despite the ascent haven taken nearly 35 minutes at a quicker pace, the descent lasts no more that 12 minutes.

Dr. Hidegkúti: Be advised, Delta-Four, your descent took less than half the time of your ascent. Delta-Two, how long did you read the height?
FT-Δ2: Maximum height reached 60 metres, Sir. No fluctuations.
Domovoi: Alright, folks, we're definitely dealing with unstable spacetime here, so be careful. Stalker, I want you to take a look at what's behind that door. Take all necessary precautions you can. It's gone well so far, let's try and keep it that way.
Stalker: Agreed, Commander. Plushie, time to set that droid of yours to work. Everybody else, take up position around that door and the stairs. Stains, you watch the ladder. Get to it, people!

FT-A2 is shown removing a spherical device from his backpack. Camera feed switches to FT-A2 POV. All squad members are seen donning gas masks. A2 approaches door and is seen pressing down a button on device and holding. Following a brief countdown, FT-Δ3 opens to the door 15 degrees, whereupon FT-A2 quickly throws the device out the door, which is promptly shut by by FT-Δ3.

FT-Δ4: All clear. No hostiles detected.
FT-Δ2: Air pressure and humidity stable. No new particles detected. Aperture presumably a portal, appears non-conducive to gaseous compounds and microbial organisms.
FT-A2: Receiving feed. Ψ13-RD1 is active and mobile. Got visual. Rerouting to command, do you read?

FT-A2 holds a control unit with a screen displaying a camera feed from the spherical device, identified as Psi-13 Reconnaissance Droid 1. Camera feeds switches to Ψ13-RD1, which appears to be moving about outside area. Area surface appears as a mix of various species of moss and grass, although no exposed dirt can be observed. The boughs of a large tree of indeterminate species can be seen hanging overhead.

Domovoi: We read you, Alpha-Two. That's an impressive piece of hardware you got there. Proceed with recon.
Dr. Hidegkúti: Receiving atmospheric data. Transmitting to analyst team.

Droid moves to explore space. Unmanned exploration concluded and space mapped within 45 minutes. Space appears circular with a diameter of approximately 30 metres, not counting potential spacetime fluctuations. Aside from 1 large, significantly aged tree of indeterminate species and numerous species of moss and grass, space appears desolate of any lifeforms. Local atmosphere deemed free of Sarkic microbial pathogens. Camera feed switches to FT-A1 "Stalker" POV. All members are shown removing gas masks. FT-Δ3 opens the door, while FT-A1 orders all Alpha members out into into the "Arboretum", leaving Delta team to guard the upper floor. FT-A2 retrieves and deactivates Ψ13-RD1.

Dr. Hidegkúti: Alpha team, now that you are closer, are you able to identify the tree?
FT-A3: Negative, Sir. It looks vaguely like a Castanea, but it still doesn't resemble any subspecies I know of. Should've sent the Gardeners, we're no botanists. Can't see any chestnuts on the tree though, but a whole lot of fruit, like, full of 'em. All different species too. I can make out plum, apple, lemon, pomegranate, passionfruit, cherries, bananas… really, every kind of fruit. And that's not right, I can tell you that much… A lot of these branches seem pretty low hanging. We could probably harvest a good amount if you want us to, Doctor.
Dr. Hidegkúti: Noted, Alpha-Three. Affirmative on the harvest. Stalker, have your teams gather as much fruit as you can carry. Be sure to take some samples of the leaves, bark, moss and grass as well. Once you're done, return to Beta team.
Stalker: Understood, Doc. You heard the man, boys, it's harvest time!
Dr. Narváez: Beta-One, see if your team can't sample some leaves and nuts while you're waiting. It'll be good to compare them to the extradimensional samples.
FT-B1: Affirmative, Doctor. I'm sending Beta-Four to do that. You hear that, Fancypants? Get that ladder out and get picking. Rest of you, hold position.

Camera feeds from FT-A1 and FT-B3 show samples being taken from both the extradimensional tree as well as the external surface of SCP-2815-5. Harvest takes a total of 20 minutes. Timestamp displays █████.

Stalker: We're done harvesting, Command. Sacks are full. Requesting orders.
Dr. Hidegkúti: Acknowledged, Stalker. Beta team, how is your progress?
FT-B4: Sampling complete, Sir. Resumed previous position.
FT-B1: We're holding the line, Command. Awaiting orders.
Domovoi: Alright, folks, we've got the goods, and time's running out. Alpha team, return to Beta team. Gamma and Delta teams are to follow Alpha team back to Beta team as they pass.

Alpha team begins retreat. 6 seconds elapse before FT-A3 request they stop.

FT-A3: Wait! Hold on, I think I saw something… Yeah, there's definitely something in here.

Camera feed switches to FT-A3 POV, shown approaching the tree. A previously unnoticed hole is visible in its side. A3 turns on flashlight and points it at the hole, illuminating a small cavity containing what appears to be an undulating white liquid substance. Camera remains focused on the substance for 3 seconds before A3 promptly reaches inside, earning protests from FT-A1, and pulls out an adolescent specimen of SK-BIO Type Z.

FT-A3: Thought so. Doctors, I got one of those big white worm thingies here. Thinking you might want this.
Stalker: Goddammit, Nutjob! How many times have I told ya' to-
Dr. Narváez: Excellent, Alpha-Three! I can confirm that's a pristine Type Z specimen. We've been looking to get our hands on a live one for years. Secure and retrieve, Alpha-Three.
FT-A3: Yessir! Feed shows A3 emptying a jar containing fruit, replacing it with the live specimen of SK-BIO Type Z. The jar's lid is perforated to enable ventilation. Specimen secure, Doc.
Dr. Hidegkúti: Good job, Alpha-Three. Are there other any holes in that tree?
FT-A3: I… wait, yes! Yes, there are.
Dr. Hidegkúti: Very well. Alpha team, switch with Delta and have them examine the holes.
Stalker: Roger that. Nutjob, we're gonna have us a long, serious talk when we get back. Now move it!

Camera feed switches to FT-Δ1, showing Alpha team reentering the room and Delta team exiting into the "Arboretum". Upon approach to the tree, several holes become visible on the trunk, which had previously gone unnoticed. Delta team proceeds to examine the holes.

FT-Δ3: Holy shit! There's a whole bunch of fucking organs in here!
FT-Δ1: These are Sarkites all right. This is pretty standard fare for these folks, Amps. Command, you want samples?
Dr. Hidegkúti: Affirmative, Delta-One. As much as you can take, from each and every hole.

FT-Δ1 begins harvesting the organs, the rest of Delta teams can be seen doing the same.

FT-Δ1: Harvesting complete, Command. Awaiting orders.
FT-Δ3: Uh, hey Command, I managed to get a sample of erm… I'd wanna call it sap, 'cause it's from the tree but… it looks like blood, Sirs. Smells like it too.
Dr. Hidegkúti: That's wonderful! Great job, Delta team.
Domovoi: Alright then, resume previous directive. Time to wrap this up.

Feed switches to FT-A1 POV. Delta team is shown retreating back through door, down the stairway and out the portal. Alpha and then Gamma teams are confirmed to be following. All squad members are confirmed present at Beta team's position at █████ hours. Squad begins return to origin point, locking the gate behind them. All members arrive at origin point without incident at █████ hours. Members enter vehicles and return to base. Expedition concluded. Audiovisual feed disabled.

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