An Excessive Payment for Unnecessary Force
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A sun exists, inhabited by deities that a dead man knew, that a dead man wrote about. The dead man provided instructions to ask the beings that live in the sun for a favor. The cost of the favor is eternal servitude. A shortsighted man accepted these conditions.
The dead man is still dead. The shortsighted man still hates.

Years After Death: 10,855
This is not an eternity.

The deity obliterated a target from existence. In return, the shortsighted man promised to stoke the fires of its hatred eternally. And so the shortsighted man now exists with another entity. The shortsighted man makes the entity suffer. Then the entity makes the shortsighted man suffer. And again, and again, and again. Objects to aid are manifested into existence by a thought, only by the torturer. The only limit is the imagination, but both are learning. They hate each other. They will always hate each other.
The fires of hate burn.

Y.A.D.: 9,245,188
This is not an eternity.

They both think. They both have thoughts. They both exist to suffer and to cause suffering to each other. Eons ago their actions surpassed the unspeakable, the abhorrent, the horrific.
The shortsighted man still thinks about the next action, about the next day, about the respite he is granted when he is the inflictor. He moves forward, still conscious that there was once something before. There is still hate, there is pain, and there is the other.

Y.A.D.: 1.0 x 10^107
This is not an eternity.

They both respond. The actions, which begun an unimaginable span of time before, have become simple. They hate, they inflict. Stimulus response. The man's head is either empty or filled with fog. There may have been a time before this. A time when there was more. No evidence for this has ever seemed to exist. And there will be nothing else.

Y.A.D.: 1.0 x 10^10^3,472
This is not an eternity.

Stimulus response has burned away. There is only action. There has only ever been action. The shortsighted man remembers nothing else.

Pain is irrelevant. Pain exists when compared to when it does not. It has always been. It will always be.

Hate has become numb. Everything has become numb. Sensation ceased so long ago, it never was.

Y.A.D.: Time has long, long since stopped having any meaning.

Any semblance of "before" evaporated long, long before the very last living star in the universe faded to black.

It is dark.
There is another.
They still are.
There are no memories.
There is nothing to see.
There is nothing to feel.
There will be nothing else.
It is dark.

Eternity has begun.

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