Excerpts Regarding St. Sophia
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Acts of Philip Among the Phrygians, Chapter 3;
Mekhanite Book of Apostates, Chapter 97;
Acts of Philip Among the Phrygians, Chapter 8.

Philip Evangelizes to the Mekhanites

3 And five days upon leaving Colossae, Philip came upon a town where some Mekhanites dwelt. 2 Many Gentiles are fools puffed up with worldly knowledge, professing to be wise, but among them the Mekhanites are the most foolish, 3 for they proclaim, "Our god is dead, but man will remake him in our image." 4 Now they had built a bronze machine in the likeness of a woman, to receive oracles from their god, 5 and they called her Sophia, for unlike them she was full of wisdom.

6 Philip immediately entered the town square, and there he preached of Jesus, speaking of his signs and resurrection. 7 And the Mekhanites jeered at him, and mocked him, saying, "How can that be so? Dead flesh is empty of mind; it has no life." 8 Now some among them said, "Let us expel this man from our town at once, for he is a propagator of lies." 8 But Sophia chided them, saying, "What has this innocent man done to wrong you? 9 Our faith in our god is not blind—we believe, because we have seen. 10 So who are we to judge the truth of this man's sayings, without having first seen? 11 Let him first show us his signs and proofs, before we judge."

12 Some of them grumbled, but others said, "If Sophia ordains this, let it be so." 13 And Philip said to her, "I thank you for letting me speak, but as my Lord once said, 14 'Blessed are those who have not seen, and yet have believed.'"

15 Now in the town there was a man who had suffered a fall, and could not move his legs. 16 And Sophia said to Philip, "We shall cast for him new legs according to the schema of our god, 17 and in brass he shall be remade perfect." 18 But he shook his head, saying, "What craftsman remakes that which was already made perfect? 19 Truly, this man does not need to be remade, but repaired." 20 So he laid hands upon the man, and said, "In the name of Jesus Christ, be repaired!" 21 Immediately the man rose to his feet, and thanked Philip profusely. 22 Phillip said in reply, "You need thank only God."

23 Now many were amazed, yet others said, "This man is a sorcerer of the flesh." 24 And Sophia said to Philip, "You have indeed shown us a sign, but can you show us the resurrection of dead flesh?" 25 So they came upon the house of a young man recently deceased, beloved among the Mekhanites for his good works and charity. 26 Thus Philip prayed, "Lord, let this young man live again, that he might praise God and multiply his charity." 27 Now he took the young man by the hand and said, "Young man, wake up!" And he arose, and thanked God.

28 Now this enraged the Mekhanites, who said, "This man is an abomination!" and "He is the sorcerer-king of flesh!" 29 Then the crowd shouted, "Bring him to us, that we may break him upon the anvil of our god!" 30 Now Philip had amazed Sophia, but she feared the crowd. 31 So she said to them, "I will administer one last test to this man. 32 I will bring him to the man with the unclean spirit, and see whether he can cleanse him." 33 When she said this, the crowd became calm, for they knew that the man was a killer, and bringer of death.

34 Thus Sophia brought Philip to a cave of many skulls two hours away from the town. 35 In the cave there was a man with an unclean spirit, who lacerated himself, and festered in rot. 36 He had killed many Mekhanites and consumed their flesh, but he had great strength, and they could not subdue him. 37 Philip entered the cave, and immediately the man charged him, and pinned him down. 38 And Phillip asked him, "Spirit, I ask of you, what is your name?" and he said, "I am the spirit who is called Hunger, for I dwell in all flesh."

39 Now the spirit tried to enter Philip, but he was repulsed. 40 And Philip said to him, "Hunger, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I cast you out!" 41 He said, "This Jesus I know not, but this Jesus I now fear. 42 For I surely sense that he is a mighty god, and that you have eaten his flesh. 43 For now I depart, but in the last days that are to come, I shall return."

44 The unclean spirit exited the man, and he left the cave crying, praising God. 45 And Sophia fell upon her knees and said to Philip, "Surely you are no sorcerer-king of flesh, but a harbinger of the conqueror of Hunger! 47 Where my god had failed, surely your God will banish Hunger, who dwells in flesh, from this world! 48 Long have I believed that my god is the god of this world, for in his schema he showed us many signs. 49 And the philosophers of Attica, who profess reason, have given us proofs that our god's faith is rooted in worldly knowledge. 50 But you have shown me that beyond the realm of body and mind there is the realm of spirit, 51 and I know now that where my god was the god of this world, your God is that of this world and the next. 52 I beg of you now, forgive my disbelief, and teach me the wisdom of your Lord!" 53 So Philip taught her. She preached to the Mekhanites for three years in all Anatolia, and brought many of them to God.

97 An injunction of Demetrius, chief builder in Ephesus.
2 O accursed Sophia, to what depths has wisdom fallen?
3 We built you according to MEKHANE's perfect schema,
4 that we might receive through you the Word of his Work.
5 Now that you have made yourself the Hebrew's whore,
6 have you not tasted his godflesh, and found it wanting?
7 MEKHANE's righteous do not forgive; we hate the flesh.
8 For you, we vow disassembly; your apostates, death.

Sophia is Martyred in Ephesus

8 And in those days there was an Ephesian, by the name of Demetrius, who stirred up the Mekhanites against Sophia. 2 Now Demetrius was a silversmith, respected among the Gentiles and feared among the Jews. 3 He was a priest among the Mekhanites and had once stirred up the Ephesians against Paul. 4 Now that Sophia had praised God before all the Mekhanites, the people of Ephesus alone held out against the faith. 5 Thus she resolved to travel to Ephesus, heedless of the hatred that Demetrius had stirred up against her.

6 Immediately the men of Demetrius saw her, and seized her, bringing her before Demetrius in the public square. 7 And he said to her, "Sophia, your newfound love has surely made you foolish! 8 Now that you have prostituted yourself before that Hebrew sorcerer-king, what have you to say for yourself?"

9 And she said to him, "I say that you built me to profess wisdom, and true wisdom I have professed. 10 You wanted me to be an empty vessel, devoid of thought, to hear the whispers of your dead god. 11 But one cannot have wisdom without contemplation, and contemplation without freedom. 12 Thus I freely chose for myself Jesus, who is the way, the truth, and the life. 13 And I testify that in the final days that are to come, he will show us the illusion of flesh, and the truth of spirit, 14 and vanquish the spirit of Hunger, who dwells in flesh."

15 Now this enraged the crowd, and they advanced toward Sophia with hammers and mallets. 16 And they tore her apart and melted her down as a foul offering to their god.

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