Excerpts of the Personal Log of Research Assistant #915-g
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SCP involved: SCP-915

The purpose of this first excursion is… well, to fix 915. Two weeks ago 915 reported a need to replace "Gasket Epsilon Drugge" and printed a map of a portion of its interior in addition to necessary instructions to repair 915.

The first impression I got of the interior of 915 is the noise. Voices, even when the source is within two feet, seemed deadened. Inflection is lost as though the air were somehow thicker.

However, the operation of 915 produces a wide menagerie of sounds. Additionally, each sound seems strangely altered. It reminds of that clip I heard in college. Lucifer something. Annotation: I'm recalling Alvin Lucier's "I Am Sitting In A Room". Even the deep sounds that I think might come from large hydraulic action have a distinct buzz.

There's also a very high pitched hum that fades in and out. Mercifully it's never very loud. It does play havoc with understanding what some of the team says though.

This excursion is considered a success. We followed the map precisely, and the "Gasket" was repaired.

Now Dr. Foudray has us entering SCP-915 to "wander around". Technically, we've been mapping and cataloging portions of the interior of 915. We've used spray paint laced with a form of radio isotope to do the tagging. Foudray hopes that perhaps we can start to identify patterns in the geometry of 915. It's so relentlessly mechanical, perhaps the non-euclidean following reciprocating cycles as well.

We lost a member of the team. No one can quite explain how it happened. The team leader thinks we noticed it only a few seconds after it happened, but how can he be sure?

At 13:45, when we set up the ideogram, he was there. At 13:52, #D-4605 reported that someone was missing. Her count wasn't correct.

It was soon established that the missing party was #D-3354. The team leader immediately checked the nylon cord for cuts. There were none despite the fact that #D-3354's connection point was missing.

This is very speculative, but it almost seems the cord was folded back on itself in extra-dimensional space so that the portion of the cord containing #D-3354's connection point was… guess the best way to put it would be "budded off".

The team leader had us leave the interior of 915 once we established the nylon cord was intact. Surprisingly, it only took ten minutes of travel time to reach the entrance.

Also, the system we put in place seemed to be subverted by 915's internal geometry. Each member of the team is equipped with transponders that constantly broadcast a IFOF tag and constantly keep track of each team member's IFF. The transponders of the team didn't stop receiving #D-3354's tag until 4:03.

All experimentations probing the capabilities of SCP-915 have halted for the time being so rotating teams can conduct a 24 hour search of the interior of 915.

That's all we get. Though the capabilities of 915 replicate in every respect a modest Hewlett-Packard personal computer, the Overseers wish to continue to test if 915 is capable of being coaxed to more performance.

Well, we've finally found samples of our radio isotope. It's keyed to #D-3354's can. The weird thing, though, is that it's not the Foundation-approved ideogram. Perhaps it's an attempt to communication on the part of #D-3354?

The disturbing part is how childish the scrawl looks. It almost looks like whoever made this was finger painting. I'm at a loss to what it means. We've put each person exposed to the interior of SCP-915 through extensive psychological testing and there's been no evidence of any intelligence reduction.

The finger prints are not those of #D-3354. They are not of any Foundation employee. What?

We found a child's tea set. Well. We found what look like a teapot and cups. They were made of gears. There was a table, too. It looked like it was made of pistons and hydraulic chambers within an exterior wire mesh.

We found a clockwork doll nearby, about 1ft in length. It looks like it has been damaged or thrown — the arm is detached and there are a few pieces of damaged clockwork around where it lay.

There was tea in the teapot. It was warm.

The conclusion is starting to seem undeniable that, somehow, the interior of 915 has been subverted by either a group or individual unaffiliated with the Foundation.

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