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This Document is Publicly Available Product of the Astrolabe Institute, a scientist-run Public Media & Containment Company dedicated to Containment of the Anomalous

This public pamphlet is excerpted from Issue 045 of The Astrolabe Institute Journal. Available upon subscription.



AUTHOR: Dr. Ben Nyman, Ph.D, M.D.

Anomaly Designation: 451-DIZZY COW Occurrence.

Danger Level: Green/Blue Hybridization | ⭒⭒⭒⭒⭒ Public Threat

Anomaly: The anomaly in question is a human male affected prior to the formation of this organization, and interviewed by my direct predecessors. Identifying as Jamie Byron, the subject was employed by an organization operating as a fuel refinery in the town of Molinsky, Wisconsin. Independent sources have confirmed that this organization is an anomalous containment organization that has requested anonymity.

Mr. Byron is suffering from a brain trauma related to the effects of long-term isolated memory loss, now understood to be the basis of 451-DIZZY-COW Occurrence, and is currently in low-priority medical care within the Institute's hospital facilities. At the time of this interview, he was ill, but lucid and cooperative with the Institute's message. It is suspected that the trauma suffered by Mr. Byron may be neuro-conceptual in nature. He is presently unresponsive to colleagues, but three weeks following his release from the refinery 5 years ago, Dr. F. Johansson interviewed him in his Molinsky household. The household was a small, sparsely furnished townhouse, though artifacts of Mr. Byron's military training were evident.

My Institute colleagues, including Dr. J.L. Spears, Dr. E. Farragut, and Dr. M. Withers, have approached me after noticing that the developments in Mr. Byron's illness have been repeated elsewhere in various communities around the world as of 2023. These effects have been observed earlier than 20 years ago, when Mr. Byron was affected. This document and its attached interview have been made public by the Institute in order to educate the population about the developments of 451-DIZZY-COW Occurrence as it unfolds.

The events of 451-DIZZY-COW Occurrence, are, at this time, the greatest public threat to safety from the anomalous community. Should you, or someone you love, become affected by the same symptoms as Mr. Byron, please call the Institute at the phone number located at the top of this page.

After several years of peer review prior to publication, the editors of the Astrolabe Institute journal discovered that although the creatures referred to as "doogs" Mr. Byron described were indeed a threat, they were likely not the cause of his illness, considering that most had been eradicated by city governments not long after the interview. Instead, it has been determined that these animals were commonplace creatures affected by humans perceiving them through a severe conceptual deficiency. Thus, 451-DIZZY-COW Occurrence has been expanded and altered from the Danger Level Green entities to the Danger Level Blue interview subject, and his illness.

If any of you have been attacked by these creatures, and do not recognize them, call us immediately. Additionally understand that they were a domesticated species, and despite your brain telling you otherwise, are dependent on you. If you or any relatives note the sudden appearance or disappearance of an object or concept, accompanied by the sensation of a "hole in the head," or the feeling of emptiness, call us immediately. Please help the Astrolabe Institute put an end to 451-DIZZY-COW Occurrence, by assisting us with containment. For information on how you can contain 451-DIZZY-COW Occurrence, please turn to the back of the journal or call us at the number above.

The Astrolabe Institute is investigating. The Astrolabe Institute is here for the public.

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