Event Log 3070-ञ-12E
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This file contains additional records of SCP-3070 occurrences. The following formatting is used for each incident:

Minor Planet: Designation/Name
3070-A Discovery Date: Day-Month-20██

Description: Details on the SCP-3070-A instances at the minor planet.

Note: Optional information pertaining to the incident.

Information on minor planets recorded by the International Astronomical Union can be found in Public Resource W830-1346.

Minor Planet: 22222 Hodios
3070-A Discovery Date: 28-August-20██

Description: Twelve 5m tall statues resembling Richard Westmacott's statue Achilles were found attached to the asteroid. Each statue and its base was constructed from the same material as the asteroid. The phrase "KILL TROJAN," written in Ancient Greek, replaced each sentence on the bases.

Minor Planet: 146269
3070-A Discovery Date: 10-September-20██

Description: Minor planets identical to 146269 orbited it at varying inclinations and heights, all at a speed of 120km/s. The SCP-3070-A instances disintegrated one hour after discovery.

Minor Planet: 1 Ceres
3070-A Discovery Date: 7-October-20██

Description: 100 spherical masses (radius of 1.3m) of assorted human facial tissues orbited the dwarf planet at a height of 102km, with a 3.2m distance between each one. Each mass had a smiling face resembling that of Giuseppe Piazzi1 on one side.

Minor Planet: 19019 Sunflower
3070-A Discovery Date: 20-August-20██

Description: Surface of asteroid became covered in a substance of similar consistency to that of oil paint. Substance coalesced into three-dimensional structures resembling sunflowers, but with miniature reflector telescopes in place of seeds.

Minor Planet: 29514 Karatsu
3070-A Discovery Date: 7-July-20██

Description: A settlement of approximately 5,000 SCP-2511-A instances is sighted in orbit of the minor planet. SCP-2511-A instances sighted on 29514 Karatsu appear to be alive, and seemingly require no apparatus to survive in a vacuum environment. Each instance appears to have a tumorous growth on a limb, which resembles growths found on SCP-3070-1.

Note: Inspection of the Matsuura River in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture, Japan indicates the disappearance of all SCP-2511-A instances in the river. No cause identified.

In order to acquire a SCP-2511-A instance who reside in orbit of 29514 Karatsu, population control of SCP-2511-A instances is currently under consideration.

Minor Planet: 232 Russia
3070-A Discovery Date: 4-October-20██

Description: A partially constructed structure resembling the Fractional Orbital Bombardment Weapon is sighted in orbit of the minor planet. Composition appears to be ice.

Note: Activation of SCP-2617 manifests an instance of SCP-2617-C in 232 Russia.

Minor Planet: 2001 Einstein
3070-A Discovery Date: 5-March-20██

Description: A steel bust (1.2m tall) of Albert Einstein depicted with protruding tongue, manifested on the asteroid's surface. Microwave emissions (251 MHz) are intermittently released from the cranial region, which appear to be transmissions encoded in octal.2

Note: Monitoring of emissions over a ██ month period has yielded a text fragment: "could get some wind for the sailboat. These are". Monitoring is continuing.

Minor Planet: 3552 Don Quixote
3070-A Discovery Date: 15-April-20██

Description: Towers of damaged automobiles (~30m tall) were found at irregular points on the surface. A group of cybernetic humanoid entities, each wearing armor resembling medieval jousting suits, were slowly deconstructing the towers and using gathered materials to construct non-functioning automobiles.

Note: The SCP-3070-A instances are believed to have a connection to Donald K. Cervantes, an owner of a scrap metal business specializing in cars in Portland, Maine. Interrogation with Cervantes has revealed no relation to SCP-3070 or other known anomalies, though he has several relatives working in the IAU.

Minor Planet: 1029 La Plata
3070-A Discovery Date: 27-September-20██

Description: Two structures resembling the flag of Argentina, composed of pure silver, appeared on opposite poles of the asteroid.

Minor Planet: 4942 Munroe
3070-A Discovery Date: 17-October-20██

Description: The asteroid assumed a nearly spherical shape, and appeared to transmute into solid diamond. Several hats, predominantly black or white, appeared on the surface.

Note: This is the first SCP-3070 occurrence that has fully transformed an asteroid's composition and shape.

Minor Planet: 42042
3070-A Discovery Date: 4-February-20██

Description: The corpse of an adult Physeter macrocephalus3 was sighted on the surface of the planetoid. Injuries consistent with high altitude impact.

Note: Upon closer observation, several earthenware fragments and a small amount of soil was found near the corpse, alongside a dead plant resembling Petunia x atkinsiana.

Minor Planet: 314612
3070-A Discovery Date: 11-November-20██

Description: The asteroid possesses a visual appearance resembling heavily compressed JPEG image files, with changes in the compression artifacts occurring based on the angle it is viewed at. Studies of the surface show that the topography is unchanged and that the compression is non-corporeal. An investigation to determine if this is a cognitohazardous phenomenon is underway.

Note: The Google Chromium browser on the SCP-3070-1's 2018 Macbook Pro was seen to be open, with multiple tabs showing SCP-2721-LYRE's Tumblr blog.

Minor Planet: 15907 Robot

3070-A Discovery Date: 01-June-20██

Description: A row of four crudely constructed humanoid mechanisms, standing and manipulating what appear to be keyboard musical instruments.

Note: Each figure is connected by cable to an underground chamber. Readings suggest the chamber is an electricity production facility.

Minor Planet: 90377 Sedna
3070-A Discovery Date: 6-May-20██

Description: A 473 km object rose from the surface of 90377 Sedna.4 The object resembled a standard phonograph, and began making spastic movement upon surfacing entirely.

Note: On 7-May-20██, the object emitted a blue light, before disappearing instantaneously. A radio transmission was later received. It read:


During this time text on SCP-3070-1's 2018 Macbook Pro displayed the following text:


After this the normal text displayed prior to an SCP-3070-A discovery was shown on the device. 24 biomechanical structures resembling M198 Howitzers combined with Monodon monoceros5 cadavers were observed on the surface of the dwarf planet an hour later.

Minor Planet: 2807 Karl Marx

3070-A Discovery Date: 05-May-20██

Description: A gradually expanding structure resembling the inside of a reading library, currently 12x8x10km, comprising shelves, stairways and study tables. Upwards of 1000 figures dressed in overalls continually consult the books, while handwriting new ones which upon completion are added to the shelves.

Note: New storage space, writing materials etc. are added as needed, expanding the structure by an estimated 1 meter per earth year. See 29829 Engels.

Minor Planet: 29829 Engels

3070-A Discovery Date: 05-August-20██

Description: A 19th century-style factory, of varying layout but always with three continuously smoking chimneys. Note that the asteroid has no atmosphere, nor easily combustable material. Products include sheets of paper, quill pens, pots of ink, ladders, and wooden shelving in kit form. These dematerialise at irregular intervals.

Minor Planet: 26858 Misterrogers
3070-A Discovery Date: 20-April-20██

Description: Approximately 300 PCC trolley cars, resembling those used by the Pittsburgh Railways during the 1940s, were orbiting the planet. Each car was "wearing" a large red cardigan sweater. Members of OTF ञ-12 reported hearing bells during retrieval.

Minor Planet: 75067 Vernalis
3070-A Discovery Date: 9-September-20██

Description: A 97m sized pair of conga drums constructed from both chitin and human tooth enamel began orbit around the asteroid. At the same time, a 60m sized live specimen of Liocarcinus vernalis6 manifested on the conga drums and attempted to "play" them.

Note: Upon retrieval by OTF ञ-12, the Liocarcinus vernalis specimen dematerialized and was not present on either the asteroid or the conga drums.

Minor Planet: 131288
3070-A Discovery Date: 23-May-20██

Description: A ring system manifested, 12m from the middle of the asteroid with a width of 1km. The ring was primarily composed with water ice, with amounts of keratin, chitin, enamel, human ectodermal tissue, and human heart cells present. [REDACTED] compounds similar to those present in the ring system of J1407b were also present.

Note: One hour after initial discovery the rings spontaneously dispersed.

Minor Planet: 3834 Zappafrank
3070-A Discovery Date: 03-June-20██

Description: Entire surface covered in yellowish ice for over 600 days.

Note: Budget allocation for sample retrieval was refused.

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