Even in the present, I still live in the past

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Soft blankets.


These are all things I love. I like to list things I love because they're pretty much all I have left. I love when they allow me to practice magic during testing and I get to yell 'abracadabra!' with pride.

Most people in this situation likely don't take it as well as I do. Most probably kick and scream and ignore demands, do everything in their power to attempt to escape. But I find it goes much easier for me if I just listen to what they say. I've found that compliance lets me have cool things like fuzzy blankets and books to read.

Luna used to tell me I could find joy in anything, and she's probably right. I do miss being Flina, but "SCP-0749" has a certain charm to it that I don't mind. It sounds cool, kind of like I'm a robot, or from the future. I don't mind being here, it makes me feel like I'm part of something important.

Though I do suppose I miss seeing my friends. Maisie doesn't do well with loneliness. She was like baby duck following behind its mom. "What item goes on this display? Where does this display go? Isn't X display supposed to be in Y section? Can someone fix it? I don't know how!" That does make me feel better about her being here though. Maisie will likely just listen to what they tell her. Though it might make her sad, which isn't good.

That makes me think of Alize. Alize is a leader, not a follower. I just know that she's making this as difficult for herself as possible. She's probably tried using her magic to escape. I wish I could talk with her. There's nothing we can do about this. So we're caught in some science lab. Why not make the best of it? I hope Alize will realize that.

I'm not quite sure how Xavier is reacting. He was basically a piece of clay, flexible with multiple different purposes, but would take a firm shape and not let anyone mold him when the time came to it. I remember when we had that one super rude customer that brought Maisie to tears. Xavier practically threw that woman through a wall. In fact, he would have, if Alize hadn't caught the poor woman with her wand. I just hope he's doing well.

I wonder the most about Luna.


Where to start with Luna.

They looked at Luna differently that day. While they were interested in the four of us as part of a collection, she was the shiny penny. They split us up immediately, so there's no way to really know what happened.

But I can still feel it. Luna didn't get locked in a cage. Luna was the smartest of all of us. We were surprised that with all her degrees and education, that she just decided to stay low and run a fashion shop. I always told Luna that she could change the world. She always insisted that I was wrong.

It was only a matter of time that she would see that I was right.

I hope Luna enjoys being a doctor. Most of the doctors I talk to are distant and professional, but at least they're polite. I can't really tell if it's the work they enjoy, or if it's just me. The stuff they're doing is important, right? Shouldn't you enjoy doing something important?. Now I may just be your simple twenty-four year old witch, but I have a feeling that much more dangerous magic exists in the world. If they're keeping me locked up, I can only imagine the kinds of other things they must be dealing with. I appreciate them keeping the world safe.

I never really thought of myself as dangerous before. I thought that good magic was okay to see. But I suppose the knowledge of any magic could be harmful. You don't want people trying to find out about good magic, only to be faced with harmful magic.

Now that I think about it, I believe Luna and I have encountered some of the bad magic. We were just fourteen, it was after school in the park.

It was cute. I wanted to hug it.

Luna told me it looked mean.

I didn't listen.

Blood gushes from Luna's face.

Magic stops the bleeding.

Magic doesn't remove the scar.

That day was my fault.

Not only that one, but the other one. The reason we're all here. I wanted to expand our audience, so we could spread joy to more people. And, just like that day when we were kids, I didn't listen to Luna.

Maisie could be terrified and lonely.

Alize could be suffering and angry.

Xavier could be confused and hurt.


Luna could be living a life she never wanted.






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