Evaluation Log 781
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Evaluation Note 781-01: Psychological analysis shows subject to be highly forgetful about personal events in general, but even more so on those leading to his death. His memory repression was likely developed as a coping mechanism to deal with his frequent painful deaths. In an attempt to aid the development of his mental health, security personnel on nightly detail are hereby ordered to defend SCP-781 from his manifestations if possible. It is my hope that perhaps with some treatment and reprieve from the nightly attacks, SCP-781's dreams will not be manifest as hostile - Dr. Glass

Evaluation Note 781-02: SCP-781's mood and mental health finally seem to be improving. He has been regularly cheerful as of late, has begun to request company, and has become increasingly open with his thoughts. Furthermore, SCP-781 expresses gratitude of the Foundation's interference on his behalf. However, the nightly attacks continue at the same intensity, and no significant progress has been made with the subject's frequent memory lapses - Dr. Glass

Evaluation Note 781-03: Previous questioning about SCP-781's origin had been fruitless, but today the subject confided that he believes himself to be "from where dreams come". The subject seems to believe there is a specific reason to his existence here, outside the "dreamworld", and that it may be linked to his recurring attacks. - Dr. Glass

Evaluation Note 781-04: Under my command, testing for possible uses of SCP-781 is ongoing. It appears SCP-781 is not able to be used as a reusable source of human organs, as all parts of SCP-781 disappear twelve hours after its death, even if they have been preserved or made functional within a different body. Further research is necessary. - Dr. ██████

Evaluation Note 781-05: On all trials, it seems SCP-781 returns perfectly healthy despite mode of death. When exposed to mundane toxins, SCP-781 succumbed as normal, but as always, returned perfectly healthy. Proposals to use SCP-781 as a reusable D-Class personnel are pending, though O5-██ raised concerns of exposing an untrusted and potentially immortal subject to sensitive information. Having a single genetically identical subject who could later expound on his experiences would be a great asset to future research in the case of fatal SCPs. - Dr. ██████

Evaluation Note 781-06: Subject had to be terminated during the course of an interview by Dr. ██████. Dr. ██████ was, during the interview, attempting to question SCP-781 about some of the reoccuring manifestations observed. At first, subject merely stated that it didn't remember anything as usual, but as Dr. ██████ continued to press the subject for information, SCP-781 began to show signs of hostility, eventually coming to sadistically describe the mental and physical tortures it wished to inflict upon the Dr. ██████. After further pressing by Dr. ██████, SCP-781 violently stabbed Dr. ██████ in the throat with a pen before being quickly terminated by security agents. As this outburst is the first sign of anger or hostility SCP-781 has shown, it is perhaps prudent to refrain from questioning SCP-781 further about its nightmares. - Dr. Glass

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