Euclidean Thinking
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I climb up to the edge, and pull myself over to the next space. I really wish I could have studied more, there's so much here I don't understand.

Quiet, now I'm used to that. Most of the time, I hear nothing, although I do get a bit of ambiance in some of the spaces I step into. But even then, those few noises only serve to accentuate the soundless depths. It's been too quiet for too long, and no one has said or done anything to me ever since the lights went out.

God, I've no idea how long it's been, time's just been meaningless, really. I don't sleep, I don't eat, although I can taste things when given a chance. All I know is what they let me know, really, and part of me wonders if this is another one of their damned games. I do know they were pissed when I found out what was really going on the first time, but for whatever reason, they decided against terminating me. Small favors.

I guess I should be thankful, though, but I do wonder whether there's any point to my current existence. Dr. Nguyen says that there's always a point for existence, but he's out there and I'm stuck here. A series of infinite planes, all alike. A grue would be welcome.

No, this one's different, I can see that. I walk over to view the plane, and the Words make themselves readily apparently. I read them silently, trying to figure out what it all means.

“SCP-001 has left its location. The Gate is Open.” Gate? What gate? What the fuck? I continue to read the report, and phrases like “XK-Class” and “Patros-Omega” come up, but “end of the world scenario” is pretty damned clear.

Either this is really some elaborate game done by the Foundation, or I am well and truly alone. I can't escape, I can't kill myself, I'm just going slightly mad. I giggle at the thought that I managed to miss out on Judgement Day, and now I find myself in an ironic hell.

Fuck, Cassy, what do I do now?

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