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surprisingly, by Ethagon

I thought way too long about what I want to do for my Author Page, so instead of anything fancy here is an easy-to-navigate table.


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by Ethagon Item#: 6016 Level4 Containment Class: euclid Secondary Class: none Disruption Class: keneq Risk Class: notice link to memo Classification...
tags: 6000 acoustic animal cadaver children-of-the-night daevite euclid global-occult-coalition knowledge mind-affecting reality-bending ritual scp

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by Ethagon The following file has special clearance restrictions and may only be accessed after the September-Equinox Clearing Autumn Multi-Lock The Equinox has passed | CONFIRMED - ACCESS...
tags: ectoentropic infohazard keter location memory-affecting meta nameless pattern-screamer reviewers-spotlight scp tree

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≡ [[/collapsible]] [[/=]] by Ethagon ITEM #: SCP-7017 CONTAINMENT CLASS: MEMET1 Illustration of SCP-7017-A by Johannes Kepler Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7017 as a...
tags: 7000 computer esoteric-class game golden-horde grand-karcist-ion gravity historical mathematical polyhedral predictive probability sapient scp spacetime the-administrator toy

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by Ethagon Item#: 5582 Level2 Containment Class: keter Secondary Class: none Disruption Class: ekhi Risk Class: notice link to memo Photo was...
tags: alive animal aquatic cephalopod jam-con2021 keter sapient scp uncontained

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by Ethagon Item#: 5226 Level3 Containment Class: pending Secondary Class: {$secondary-class} Disruption Class: vlam Risk Class: notice link to memo ...
tags: compulsion electronic medical mind-affecting safe scp

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by Ethagon NOTICE FROM THE FOUNDATION RECORDS AND INFORMATION SECURITY ADMINISTRATION The content of this page is archived as this file has become obsolete. As archiving is an outdated process,...
tags: cognitohazard empathic esoteric-class mind-affecting photographic scp visual

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by Ethagon Notice from the Explanation and Research Department This document concerns Kinetoglyphs and was therefore reclassified as Explained as part of the Glasgow-Kinetocism-Mandate passed on...
tags: alive broken-masquerade co-authored explained exquisite-corpse2020 humanoid performance reality-bending sapient scp

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by Ethagon Item #: SCP-6192 Object Class: Euclid Level 2/6192 Restricted Assigned Site Site Directorate Research Head Assigned Department Not Fixed. Global Concerning. N/A Dir. Thomas Weld...
tags: departmentcon2022 empathic euclid knowledge mimetic mind-affecting neurological scp telepathic

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by Ethagon and Einer von Rabe Notice from the Explanation and Research Department This file had been archived and is only for reference. There are currently no Special Containment Procedures for...
tags: alive co-authored departmentcon2022 empathic explained humanoid keter sapient scp telepathic

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by Ethagon 3/6471 LEVEL 3/6471 CLASSIFIED Item #: SCP-6471 Thaumiel Foundation Alignment: Neutral/Orthogonal Classification Notice: If the Foundation Alignment of...
tags: computer esterberg extradimensional foundation-made from-120s-archives game homo-sapiens-sidhe location nameless online scp thaumiel


SCP-173, but every sentence is a crosslink
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by Ethagon Item #: SCP-173 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-173 is to be kept in a locked container at all times. When personnel must enter SCP-173's container, no fewer...
tags: joke tale the-sculpture

Inverted Swiss Cheese
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by Ethagon Every organization has holes. Not even something as wrong as the Department of Surrealistics was exempt from this. It is imperative to fill these holes as much as possible to not let...
tags: chaos-insurgency fifthist surrealistics-dept tale

Your Demise Explained
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by Ethagon Scott Wilkins was chewing on his fingernail in one of the panic rooms of the Site like it was expected of a Junior Researcher during the apocalypse. He flinched when another tremor...
tags: art-exchange competitive-eschatology tale

Writing History
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by Ethagon Among the gods was the folk of the Decla, although they were not gods themselves. Truly rotten were their minds for they had sinned in the old world and they hated the gods. On...
tags: bellerverse canon2020 tale

In Response To Nuclear Warheads
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by Ethagon Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I am Director Weld and this is the fourth time that I speak to the committee. I come to you today to propose the abolition of all on-site explosives....
tags: ethics-committee jam-con2020 tale

The Vampire of All Hallows' Eve
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by Ethagon It was the eve of All Hallows Day, the last chance for the departed to exact their vengeance on those that had caused them harm. Then, on the Day of All Saints, the gates to beyond would...
tags: daevite halloweencon2022 tale unusual-cargo

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by Ethagon Dragonslaying was once a divine duty. The Catholic Church would send its best warriors to lay any of the hell beasts to rest. They cleansed the lands of dragons so thoroughly, they soon...
tags: no-return tale

A Working Theory
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by Ethagon All clear? All clear. Open the tunnel. Tunnel is opened. Tunnel-diameter is increasing to 1000 Attometer, 1500 Attometer, stabilizing at 2000 Attometer. Dr Connor MacWarren took...
tags: art-exchange tale

Reporting On The Front
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by Ethagon Ms. Aaron moved past the empty lobby of Science-Centered Progress and past the Bio-Printer that was on display. She only briefly stopped to confirm the sector she needed to go to. When she...
tags: tale

Of Memes and Counterconcepts
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by Ethagon It's a pleasure to meet you. I am Hannah Wild, the current project head for this anomaly. She held out her hand in greeting. The researcher from the Central Memetics Department didn't...
tags: jam-con2021 tale

GoI Formats

SC-02/000-22/000: Insurance
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by Ethagon DeCIRO Catalogue Number: SC-02/000-22/000 Document Type: Step Compilation Dates Received: 2002-01-01 through 2022-01-01 Operation Status: Open Foreword: The thirteen-headed hydra will...
tags: chaos-insurgency featured goi-format jam-con2021 researcher-lloyd the-engineer

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+ Show theme code - Hide theme code by Ethagon ⚠️Under no circumstances should any entity described in this document be referred to by anything other than the provided designations outlined...
tags: esterberg from-120s-archives global-occult-coalition goi-format nameless

SC-48/404-97/786: Safehouses
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by Ethagon DeCIRO Catalogue Number: SC-48/404-97/786 Document Type: Step Compilation Dates Received: 06-08-1948 through 11-10-1997 Operation Status: Open Foreword: When the beast is slain, and the...
tags: chaos-insurgency goi-format marshall-carter-and-dark

Nobody there, but the thing-in-itself
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by Ethagon December 29th, 1999 Christmas family is still at the hotel, hopefully they'll stay until New Year. I think I'll start my yearly routine to check up on the thing in itself today. Need...
tags: goi-format jam-con2020 nobody

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+ Show theme code - Hide theme code by Ethagon PSYCHE Records Parathreat Investigation Special Observer: Inundation 78456841/ND3 Overview: Extant Elements of Group Copernicus ( Fifthism...
tags: chaos-insurgency fifthist global-occult-coalition goi-format horizon-initiative tactical-theology


Ethagon's Author Page
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surprisingly, by Ethagon I thought way too long about what I want to do for my Author Page, so instead of anything fancy here is an easy-to-navigate table. My Articles My Articles with Commentary...
tags: author

Cycle Of Seasons Hub
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by Ethagon A quit harsh wind blows since aeons past It flattens every stone and every tree with the thousand cuts of time Only at rest when all is dead, the air too still to carry sound From barren...
tags: from-120s-archives hub nameless

Secure Facility Dossier: Site-118
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by Ethagon SCP Foundation Secure Facility Dossier Site-118 Official Designation: SCP Foundation Blackbox and Nomenclative Containment Facility Site Identification Code: NAUSAZ-Site-118 General...
tags: from-120s-archives homo-sapiens-sidhe nameless only-game-in-town researcher-talloran site the-old-man


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