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This document is a collection of different essays by authors describing their individual mentalities when it comes to writing. I hope that by collecting these accounts and allowing authors to recommend their own work, this document can provide a much-needed variety when it comes to introducing someone new to the SCP Foundation along with an introduction to the kind of methods used in their creation.

Every entry comes right from the author to discuss the inner workings of their minds when they write. It's all there: what their goals are, how they put the idea together, their advice to anyone else hoping to do the same. Along with their account of their creative processes, authors may provide commentary of how an individual article of theirs reflects them. Authors also suggest their own work that they feel best reflects their mentality when it comes to writing.

This collection is organized in alphabetical order. Each author is allowed to recommend up to three articles/tales that they feel best represent their creative method(s), along with commentary and their accounts. This is a living document and will be edited regularly to add authors and edit existing commentary to try and keep up to date with each author.

It is my hope that, in collecting a living document of writers for the site, I can help others get a sense of the sheer variety of literary work we have and mindsets that have created them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who's in charge here?
The person maintaining the collection is SoullessSingularity and he is the ultimate authority on this page here. If you have any questions/concerns/suggestions/etc. please send him a Private Message.

Who can be added to the collection?
Any author that fits the following guidelines are welcome:
1. They have at least one article above 60 in rating.
2. They are a part of the community and have contributed not just in writing but in critique, review and discussion.
There are some exceptions; these authors may not be popular but they have contributed much to the community and deserve recognition here.

How can I be added to the collection?
Just Private Message me (SoullessSingularity) requesting to be added. If I accept, I'll ask you for your account, commentary, and three tales/articles that best suit your style. In the highly unlikely event I don't accept your request the first time, don't fret; this document isn't going away anytime soon and you can always try again. At the moment the only general reason why I'd refuse someone is if they're less than a few weeks old.

Why isn't X author in here?
Maybe I just forgot to ask them! I am not everywhere and I might miss a few wonderful people from time to time. Please feel free to send me a request if you feel I've missed an important author. I'll message them on your behalf, requesting they share the wonder that is their thought process.

What do I do if my account is no longer accurate?
Let me know what needs to be changed! This is a living document and I don't mind changing things to keep them up to date. Just shoot me a Private Message letting me know what should be changed and how.



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Kate McTiriss

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