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Welcome to the Essay and Resource Hub!

The Essay and Resource Hub is the centralized location for informational pages written by members of the SCP community. Unlike the Guide Hub, the following articles are not considered required reading or official advice, but may still be interesting or useful.

Unlike the “guide” tag, the “essay” or “resource” tags can be added by authors to their own works, which you can then add here in the appropriate section (list works in alphabetical order). Essays are intended to offer advice and opinion on specific aspects of the SCP Foundation or SCP Wiki, while Resources list information about various aspects of the SCP Foundation setting, often as a collaboration open to new contributions. Hub pages containing useful information have also been listed below for ease of access. Message a member of the MAST collab log pruning team if you're unsure whether your work meets the criteria to be classed as an Essay or Resource, or if you think a new subsection should be created.

On the Setting of the SCP Foundation

Official and unofficial hub pages and resources, including compilation lists open to contributions from any site member. Note that even the official guides can be contradicted in articles if it serves the story - there is no canon that authors must follow!

Essays on writing within the SCP Foundation Setting.

  • Classified and You: A brief rundown of what classified means, and how access to classified material works.
  • Containment Hazard Control: Information on the different real-life ways scientists and professionals deal with hazards.
  • The Foundation and Evil: The Foundation is not cruel, but cold.
  • GoI Field Guide: Advice on what kind of voice, tone, and themes an article featuring a specific Group of Interest should aim for.
  • Technical Words: Various science-y and engineering-y words and what they mean.
  • Understanding Memetics: Explaining what the hell memetics and memetic effects are in the context of the SCP Foundation Universe.

User-Created Essays on the Writing Process






Things Not to Do (And What to Do Instead)

Other Essays

Tools and Technical Tips

Hubs and Essays to help you customise your articles.

  • SCP Wiki Usertools: Extensions, tools and scripts to alter and hopefully improve your site experience.

Critter Resources

Various resources from site reviewers (critiquers, crit-givers, critters, etc.) on how to approach the review process.

Joke Essays

These are meant to be silly and not taken seriously, but might still be helpful!


  • Hornby’s Audio Guide: A rather thorough explanation on how to construct an audio drama.
  • Hub Hub: A hub page for listing all other hub pages, in case you're not sure how to find something.

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