A Comprehensive List of Esoteric Classes
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The Foundation's primary directive is to order the anomalous by designating instances with four-digit numbers and methods of containment. One of the tools used to accomplish this is the Object Class, a process of parsing anomalies into groups based on the difficulty of containment. Full dossiers are available for readers wishing to familiarize themselves.

Despite this, some anomalies warrant entirely new object classes beyond the standard Safe, Euclid, and Keter, and sometimes even beyond Thaumiel, Neutralized, and Explained. These Esoteric Classes are exceedingly rare, and many are not viable for standard documentation due to their specialized natures. The following lists serve as a collection of these classes.

This is an open, collaborative project. If you discover a class which is absent or has been improperly cataloged, feel free to add it.

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Established Esoteric Classes

The following object classes were created by the Foundation to describe the containment of certain anomalies, or the anomalies themselves.


Because several anomalies do not totally conform to standard object classes — while not warranting the creation of a new class themselves — several subclass systems have been created to further describe their properties and/or their containment.

System Classes

The following classes do not describe the anomaly they are assigned, but are rather a placeholder or the result of a system error.

Informal Esoteric Classes

The following classes are presumed to have been influenced by an anomalous property or another third-party; generally, they are the result of an infectious memetic agent or an infohazard.

Foreign Esoteric Classes

The following are object classes created by non-English affiliate branches of the Foundation which are considered "Established".6

Thank you to ZiakialZiakial for originally compiling this list.

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