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SCP-3072 in containment at Foundation Administrative Complex-55.

Item #: ESCP-3072

Object Class: Safe Keter

Extraordinary Special Containment Procedures: ESCP-3072 is stored in a Foundation personnel-accessible office in Foundation Administrative Complex-55. The office also contains a desk, chair, photocopier, connected Foundation database terminal, and a lockbox.

The office is to be limited to Level 4+3072 persons, any Level 5 persons, or any persons carrying temporary Level 6-Delegate status.


Foundation Administrative Complex-55, the location of which is now available on all networked Foundation-issue GPS navigation devices and smartphones.

ESCP-3072 is currently available to all Foundation personnel, as the organization-wide Emergency Threat Level is set to 9 or 10, and will remain accessible for the duration of the emergency. Available personnel in or nearby Foundation Administrative Complex-55 should attempt to reach the office in which it is contained during this emergency. Said personnel should immediately transcribe any printed messages from ESCP-3072 into the on-site terminal, which is currently displaying a direct link to the O5 Council's Global Emergency Management Control Center.

Description: ESCP-3072 is an Edison Gold & Stock Telegraph Co. ticker tape machine. When properly powered and stocked with tape, it will print newly generated alphanumeric messages of varying content, even if disconnected from a telegram wire and blocked off from electromagnetic signals of any kind. The Foundation has not yet discovered a method to influence which messages ESCP-3072 produces.

SCP-3072's messages seemingly originate from an irate business shareholder and are invariably advice or direct orders on what the operators of their invested business should do to increase the value of shareholder investment.

ESCP-3072's messages originate from "Envelope Logistics®," a company purportedly part of an ownership group investing in various aspects of our reality. Envelope Logistics was first known to the Foundation by their "purchase" of Foundation database slot SCP-2557. ESCP-3072 messages have shown advanced and comprehensive foreknowledge of complex events pertaining to the integrity of reality, human civilization and, especially, financial markets.

SCP-3072, if provided enough ticker tape, outputs an average of 441 printed messages in a day, though the frequency of messages is highest on weekdays, between 9 AM and 5 PM in the local time of wherever SCP-3072 is currently located. Testing of SCP-3072 outside the jurisdictions of current legal time zones has not been initiated due to the vital nature of ESCP-3072 during emergencies.

Examples of ESCP-3072 messages:


Though most messages from ESCP-3072 are repetitive demands that the Foundation reduce costs or take actions blatantly intended to increase the value of Envelope Logistics investments, ESCP-3072 suspends these activities during events which may cause K-Class End-of-the-World Scenarios, the cessation of global financial trading, or large monetary damage to Foundation holdings. This appears to be in the interests of protecting its "global investment portfolio." Examples of prescient ESCP-3072 messages regarding said scenarios is below.


To date, printed messages from ESCP-3072 have allowed the Foundation to prevent over 1,291 potential K-class scenarios, in many cases forming our first knowledge of the same. The importance of messages from ESCP-3072 being continually relayed to the O5 Council during this emergency cannot be understated.

Addendum: ESCP-3072 has been classed Keter due to the possibility that the 'market system' by which Envelope Logistics allegedly invests in numerous aspects of our reality results in behavior wherein shareholders decide to short-sell in pursuit of profit. For this reason, responding personnel are not to directly act on printed messages from ESCP-3072, only relay them upwards.

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