Eric’s Journal
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by eric

Attach wires to the inside of helmet

Put glitter glue on helmet’s insides

Put in microwave, press 5 button twice (dont press 4 button by accident)

Cool off with ice from fridge

Did this twice but then mom got mad at me because I ran out of bike helmets, how to get more?

dear journal, yesterday a weird guy talked to me online about the helmets

I dont know why their more helmets i only made two. He said he wanted to make more

friends and i think it’s good to make friends so I decided i would help him but i don’t know

if I did the right thing journal. charles says you cant go wrong with helping people.

He also wanted the raygun. i thought I didnt tell anyone about it. Had to ask eskimo for

the raygun back

that raygun was important to me and I gave it to him to help. i hope I get it back

I know not everyone you meet is to trust but he did want friends

he could have asked, i woulda been his friend

good night journal

dear journal, Eskimo told me that i shouldntve given him the raygun

I told Eskimo that he was wrong because he was just a stuffed animal that didnt know

anything about real people. Then he started crying and now hes not talking to me

Sometimes I wish i had more friends, not just the stuffed animals and mom because the

stuffed animals are boring and moms always at work

Notes about animal speech collar

get Jelly's collar

Get speech box from old teddy bear he wont mind its for a good cause

Watch animal videos

Look up dog actions like tail wagging and tongue out

now I have a magic collar

now Jelly can understand me

and I can tell her about whats going on

she'll listen she's a good dog

keeps talking about a dog in asteroid belt theough

dear journal, today I got on the computer and logged into the hacker forum.

Everyone there is so much cooler than me. They all have cooler toys and can do cooler

things. They know me and they say hi to me but they arent really my friends.

I asked one of them how they made friends and they told me that they made friends

online. I dont want online friends thouh I want ones that I can see.

Friend Maker ray gun

Put earthworm Jim into spa to get friend sauce

Need raygun, charles let me borrow his

Go online to ask for secret formula, slenderbae says to delete system32

Take blender, mix them in with friend sauce

Used friend raygun on the lightswitch, now he wants to be friend! no he doesnt hes lying

I’m letting Eskimo make decisions about the raygun, no more mistakes, I cant take it


Eskimo says there were warning signs

That putting the raygun in the mail box for fake friend was a bad idea

How did fake friend got get my address?

I didnt think through this much

hey journal, why am I so nervous? I feel like somethings wrong

mom keeps talking about the news. People are getting really sick and they

cant think anymore. She was really scared about it and doesnt know what to do

Its kinda like what happened with the raygun, but it isnt a germ

So journal ive been going through forums and talking

I was on this one talking about a weird video with a guy with a hoodie

And some guys said they knew that guy

and they mentioned my helmets and raygun

That he used them

he didnt ask me

thats not fair

i'm gonna talk to him

i got his address so that should scare him


I was watching the news again, and they said that theres 4000 people whove died because

of the jerk

and Me

Hey journal

mom noticed i’ve been acting different lately

I dont wanna make her mad with my problems but I messed up big time

I wish I had Calculator

I dont remember where I left him but he always helped me make decisions

but i haven't talked to Jon yet

there is still time for things to work out

hes still a JERK though

He didn't listen to me

i cant stop him

hes too big

Im calling the police

journal, the jerk man wasnt online today, so I think he got arrested by the police. i wonder

what happened to the ray gun? I hope nobody found it

I was thinking, why did he do that? why did he have to be a jerk?

I tried to go on the forum but it wasnt there. I typed the name into google but i couldnt

find it, and it wasnt even in the bookmarks folder

i miss those friends

Some police people came to my house today. Mom was talking to them and they said

that they saw someone going on an illegal website

was the hacker site illegal? i didnt know I was breaking the law I was just having fun

Anyways now we dont have any internet and my moms mad at me. the stuffed animals

wont talk to me either.

I want to go back to school,

I want to make friends.

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