Eric_H's Author Page

Hi. I'm what they call "Retired Staff" i.e. not really around here much anymore. Please find someone on the active Staff list if you want to email a draft for critique, or have questions about the site. If you email me, it's possible that weeks will go by before I see your note, and then I'll probably tell you I don't have time to do whatever it was you were asking.

Just in case you're wondering what I've written:


SCP-052 Time-Traveling Train
SCP-157 Imitative Predator
SCP-259 The Weisenglass Spiral
SCP-456 Soporific Bedbugs
SCP-506 Instant-Growing Plants
SCP-699 Mystery Box
SCP-795 Reality-Bending Cat (written for Bright's "Double Cliche" challenge)
SCP-911 Egyptian Book of the Dead
SCP-944 The Mirror Maze
SCP-1696 Dr. Wondertainment's Little Big-BangerTM
SCP-1716 Imperfect Life Extender
SCP-1719 The Harrison-Grey Effect
SCP-1961 Transformation Device
SCP-1980 Alien Invasion


SCP-059 Radioactive Mineral (not sure who wrote the original…I think it was a 2008 port from the old site.)
SCP-557 Ancient Containment Site (rewrite of Leicontis/Gabriel Jade idea)

Tales and other things not on the main SCP list:

Tales from the Game Day series:

Second Language A story in the Game Day series. SCP-911 meets SCP-343. Thanks to Clef for some good editing!
Discovered Attack (collaboration with Gears and Clef). Another Game Day story, in which Mr. Dark gets involved in matters.
Angle of Attack (another collaboration with Gears/Clef) The continuing adventures of Mr. Dark and other Game Day characters…

Almost, but not quite SCPs:

SCP-1926-R R'lyeh has risen…or has it? (part of Clef's "Crossovers" challenge; -R = Rejected as a hoax)
SCP-1974-EX Hallucinogenic Dice (an "EXplained" SCP)

Help/Advice for New SCP Writers:

The Guide to Essays - A list of all the unofficial advice pages on the site.

Cliches and You: An Educational Film - Commentary on "The Big List of SCP Cliches"

Miscellaneous Stuff:

A Holiday Appeal Please give — the Pufferkittens are counting on you! VolgunStrife made this into an actual spoken commercial: (and it's much better that way).

Class Omega What happens when you're given the latest (and strongest) Foundation amnesiac.

Standard Form for Downvotes - The 25 50 (or so) most common reasons SCPs get downvoted, arranged in a helpful checklist joke form that you shouldn't actually use.

Person of Interest File - Mr. Dark - A (non-canon) interpretation of Mr. Dark from Marshall, Carter and Dark

GemoDawn has done some readings of my SCPs on YouTube:


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