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Author Name: Erazm

About: Hello. I like the creepy, the silly, and the socialist. I read all of the feedback that gets left on my articles. I've made substantial edits to my pages based upon thoughtful comments more than once. I appreciate the time and effort you put in as a reader and hope that all of my pages end up feeling worth your while.

Likes: Interesting objects, the 'pure' lab report format from Series I, unsolved mysteries, the supportive nature of the community.

Dislikes: Corny dialogue, rigid adherence to a particular vision of the 'Foundation' or the people working within it, excessive reliance on narrative gimmicks, unhelpful critique. (the struggle we all share).

I am at constant war with the ancient HTML / IRC formats that this site continues to use in the 21st century. Thanks for your patience.


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