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DATABASE #-2-320


The Telekill Alloy is designed to prevent telepathic rays or fields from affecting human minds. Test subjects so far have been able to prevent these forces access to their minds, however the remainder of their tests were not as promising. Only 6 subjects were able to get successfully to the end of the testing chamber without succumbing to psychic attack. This is improved upon last years result, in which we were unable to prevent any test subjects from succumbing and having to be rehabilitated. Thankfully, no one has been seriously injured.

In the coming year, I expect the following tasks to have been accomplished by our team, if we wish to hit the 1976 product release window. Remember, our contracts with the U.S. Military will not last forever.

Goal #1: Continued research on the properties held by the alloy, with tests involving tester-22b being a particularly avenue to pursue.

Goal #2: Reproduction of the alloy without the usage of the poorly documented effects, or prepare superior documentation about them. I expect reports on both types of phenomenon in addition to existing work.

Goal #3: Reduce the ablative properties. This is imperative

Goal #4: Study the effect on exposure and morale before testing may continue.


Meeting Of The Minds

Psychiatric Profile For Researcher Lee Byron

Preaching To The Choir

When We Reach The Crescendo

A Few More Words From "The Administrator"

We had a great year, didn't we?

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