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Excerpt from Containment Specialist Transition Notes: SCP-3860

Final Notes:

While SCP-3860's behavior has been increasingly compliant in the preceding months, it's important to remember that he is a known chronic emotional and psychological manipulator. It's very likely this change in behavior is a ploy to garner leniency, and from there launch a containment breach. I strongly recommend that as more of SCP-3860's systems fail, containment measures be increased. As he slowly dies, he is likely to become increasingly desperate. Should a suitable opportunity present itself, I have no doubt he is going to seize it. Stay on guard and don't let him sweet-talk you into anything that could cause trouble.

Take care and godspeed,

Rose Labelle

Series Overview:

In the conclusion of the Anderson Robotics series, after decades of investigation, raids, and numerous agents lost, Vincent Anderson has been captured and remains in SCP Foundation custody at Site-19. With his systems failing, and time running out, it seems very likely his containment cell will prove to be his tomb. However, a splinter cell of Maxwellists has other plans for the cyborg…


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