Why Jones Marcel Should Be Employee of the Century

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The atmosphere was mute, the blinding light exposed the surrounding dust as they gradually veered the room, and rows of calculators stood throughout the containment chamber. The court was in session.

King CalcaRuler stepped onto the wooden platform with its two guards, a calm expression on its screen. The golden crown glistening in the glow on its head, complemented by its sceptre. What a royal it was. The other devices murmured to one another as their majesty went up the podium before it took a look at everyone present.

"I think we all know why we’re here," it uttered in a cold tone.

The others grew silent as they straightened themselves. They should know not to anger their ruler. Great punishments they heard regarding anyone who attempted to cross it. They knew not to fool around. King CalcaRuler cleared its throat before stating the very purpose of this discussion.

"We are here to discuss why Jones Marcel should be employee of the century!" it exclaimed in such confidence.

"Why do you say that?" one calculator queried.

"You dare question fact?" said the CalcaRuler as its followers turn to the lone device, cowering in the many people glaring at it.

"Isn’t it obvious? He’s the kindest fellow in the kingdom, I tell you. The best of my supporters. Talk with him, and you would know how much he deserves such a title."

King CalcaRuler knew Marcel for quite some time now. Time and time again, he would visit him for a cup of tea. Well, coffee is his preferred choice of beverage, but the ruler enjoyed its talks with him regardless.

"The best, I do say," agreed one device.

"As do I," said another.

"Good. That is all I needed to hear. Now then, let's proceed," King CalcaRuler continued.

Before the conversation could march onwards, however, the same lone calculator spoke once again, "That’s it? Kindness?"

"What was that?" the warrior stated in a harsher tone.

"I’m sorry, King, but I don’t get the appeal. Sure, you can say that this Marcel is the best you ever met, but anyone can be kind. He’s practically another person, unremarkable."

A brief pause filled the cell as a growing anger grew in King CalcaRuler. The face it had was full of rage. Everyone knew that what the deceiver had to say was a huge mistake.

The saviour snapped. "How dare you make such a claim! I am perplexed by your words, good sir!"

The others averted their gaze from the non-follower, who was both confused and in fear of what was about to occur.

"Guards, take this peasant away. People like them do not deserve to step a foot in my courtroom," the king oh so rightfully asserted.

King CalcaRuler’s wardens approached the deviant as it backed away from the crowd. It eventually met the wall with no chance of escape found.

"You can’t do this to me. I am your supporter!" it cried, desperate for forgiveness from the king.

"Then you should know not to disagree with my words. Now, on to the dungeon you go," King CalcaRuler uttered.

The loner stuttered, "P-please, no!"

Under its breath, the royal stated, "What a fool they were. A shame."

Then, the door to the containment chamber opened as a young man arrived.

"Hey, King. What’re you doing?"

"Oh, Marcel!" the ruler rejoiced as Marcel closed the entrance behind him.

All the other calculators fell stationary as King CalcaRuler hurriedly moved toward the scientist, a noticeable grin on its face.

"Great seeing you, Marcel! I did not notice a week has already passed."

"Time sure flies, huh? How are you on this fine day?" Marcel asked, staring at the abundant amount of devices scattered across the tiled floor.

"Well, if you must know, this fool right here argued that you don’t deserve the title of employee of the century. I was offended, and so I ordered my guards to take it away to the dungeon."

"You don’t have a prison, though?"

The ruler blurted, "Zip your mouth, Marcel. That deceiver can hear you, you know."

Marcel let out a chuckle, "Well, maybe I can make one for you."

King CalcaRuler gasped in glee, "Really? You would do that for me?"

"Of course, anything for the king of calculators. Just give me some time, and I’ll have one up for you."

"This is immaculate," the saviour stated joyfully. "Surely you are the best servant I ever had. Thank you so much for your kindness."

Marcel kneeled and bowed before the king, "Of course. It is an honour assisting you."

King CalcaRuler laughed loud and proud. Yes, it is true. Sir Marcel certainly deserved the praise as the best employee of the century.

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