Ell Crailey's Personnel File
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Name: Ell "EC" D. Crailey

Security Clearance Level: Unknown

Position: Internal Communications Unit-C Coordinator, Sites-56 and -68-N

Biography: As a member of the Ethics Committee, E. Crailey's history is largely kept from staff knowledge. However, it is commonly known that they are amongst the few recruited directly from Group of Interest "Are We Cool Yet?" following intense interrogation and preparation. Though they were initially amongst the planted agents out in the field, they were pulled in when their position was compromised. Their detailed reports sparked interest from the Ethics Committee, and they were signed on several months later as a coordinator between humanoid SCPs and researchers in Site-56 and Site-68-N. They are also called in on occasion to give orientations on their original GOI.

After three years of work with the Committee, Ell has been allowed to maintain professional contact with select members of the AWCY community and has built up a network that presents acceptably consistent communication on potentially dangerous anomalies and gatherings. Psychological evaluations are scheduled every six months to determine their retention of loyalty to the Foundation.

SCPs and projects:

SCP-2642: "Half of an Elephant's Face", 173 contest 2015
Tale: Hand-Sewn
Tale: Stick the Landing, MTF contest 2016
GOI-Format Article: Two Transcribed Conversations In Very Different Tones, MTF Contest 2016

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