Ecronak's Archive (With Commentary!)
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Ecronak wearing his monk costume (he loves that monk costume)

Age: Probably younger than you.

Sex: Male

Number of articles published: Hopefully more than thirty.

Lurker: Yes, yes. Very much. Until a year passes and suddenly I come back from the dead.

Description: Ecronak is a young male, approximately 5 feet and 11 inches tall, with tall bushy hair. He can often be found either shutting himself indoors, having a great time outdoors, or watching "What If the Emperor Had a Text-To-Speech Device", because he loves all that Warhammer 40k shit. He writes and puts tales up on the wiki approximately every year, give or take, -and has never, to date, gotten a successfully SCP draft or idea up.- HAS GOTTEN AN SCP UP, FINALLY!

Some people would hope that he finally puts up tales at a semi-regular basis (what, the incredibly fast once-a-year schedule wasn't regular enough for you?), but that hope is probably in vain.

Personnel File

Undersecretary Ecro

Name: Nuwalsh Cal Ecro

Age: 32

Sex: Male

Bio: Nuwalsh Cal Ecro was born in Canada on the 15th of September, 1988 to two first generation immigrants. From a young age, he showed an aptitude for numbers, and graduated from ███████ University with a bachelor's degree in accountancy. He was soon contacted by Foundation operatives shortly after his graduation, and was recruited into the Foundation's Department of Accounting as an accounting clerk at the age of 22.

He was soon promoted to the position of accountant in 2011, and was given a position in the Amnestics Production Committee as a member. Shortly after the containment breach at Site-19 in 2015, he was promoted to the position of Accounting Undersecretary and Amnestics Production Committee Overseer, taking over for the previous occupant of the positions, Rafael de la Cruz, who died in the containment breach. During his tenure as Accounting Undersecretary, he was found to have been extremely skilled at speaking and presenting, and so was selected as the most likely candidate to succeed Accounting Secretary Sun-Woo Ryu, with Ryu himself commenting on Ecro's speaking skills and quick thinking.

Addendum 15/5/2020:
This potential tenure as Secretary of Accounting would not come to pass, however, as on the fifteenth of May, 2020, Site-19 suffered a total containment breach and was soon destroyed by the on-site nuclear bomb. This would soon force the Foundation to form the Department of Surplus in order to begin the sale of their amnestics, promoting Undersecretary Ecro to the position of its first secretary.

Addendum 19/3/2024:

My SCPs:

Page Date of Posting
SCP-5397: "Justice" (2024, melted human flesh on wall, 15 meters by 10 meters) 2021-6-8
SCP-5396: The best you that you could ever be. 2021-6-9
SCP-5419: A Boy and His… Dog? 2021-6-10
SCP-5421: Don't look up. 2021-6-11
SCP-5434: A literal love god failing at love. 2021-6-22
SCP-5913: Adventures and Arthropods 2021-6-24
SCP-5493: So this is how democracy dies… with thunderous ablobs 2021-7-3
SCP-6770: The Foundation Loses Face 2021-10-8

My Tales:

Secure, Contain, Profit.

Page Date of Posting Link
The Foundation is Broke 2021-6-10
The New Secretary in Town 2021-6-12

Rat's Nest

Page Date of Posting Link
Another Lost Legacy 2017-11-12
The Last Meeting 2018-8-19

Saints and Heathens

Page Date of Posting Link
The Vultures Feast 2020-6-12
The Summoning of Saint Peter 2020-6-17

Individual Tales

Page Date of Posting Link
As the Last Monster On Earth Goes to Hell 2019-12-4

My Series:

The Arnven Chronicles (Doctors of the Church)


Page Date of Posting Link
Dire Tidings 2020-5-26
Arnven Burns 2020-5-28
The Tutelage of a Brother 2020-5-31
The Horn Blows Into the Morning 2020-6-3
The Siege Looms Heavy (Part One) 2020-6-7
The Siege Looms Heavy (Part Two) 2020-6-7
Our Last Goodbyes 2020-6-12

The Adventures of Siggy and RoboMonkey


Page Date of Posting Link
Siggy and The Time All the Lights Went Dark Forever 2021-5-7
When We Start to Hear Creepy Voices of Probably Dead People 2021-5-9
A Mummy Begins to Teach Us Weird Physics 2021-5-11
Siggy Completely Trusts The Doctor That's Suddenly Turned Up 2021-5-11
A New World Beckons, and It's Filled with Death Chickens 2021-5-14
Peace is Said, and Bears Start Calling 2021-5-15
The Attack Begins, and I Ascend 2021-5-17
Awkward Silences and Uncomfortable Reunions 2021-6-1
The Final Strike 2021-6-2
The Witch Returns 2021-6-3

My Commentaries:

Another Lost Legacy

Dire Tidings

Siggy and the Monster of the Dark Halls

Siggy and RoboMonkey and the Deadly Doctor

Siggy and RoboMonkey and the Rise of the Betrayed

Siggy and RoboMonkey and the Return of the Witch



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