Eco-Sabotage (S-67789)
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(EST. 1835)

Vandalism and Supply Chain Sabotage
Fort Cass, Eastern Tennessee Manufacturing Center1
November 13, 2001
  • Unknown Organization Negotiator The Questioner
  • Unknown Organization Saboteurs
  • Worker Reginald Huff4
  • Worker Elbert Rix5
  • Security Officer Newton Thaw6
  • Worker Repairman Purdy Baxley7
  • Factory Customers In The Eastern Tennessee Region And Sub-Regions
  • Factory Stock Holders
  • All Personnel Assets At The Fort Cass Location
The as yet unidentified group represented by The Questioner has a history of conflict within Factory served markets. Previous conflicts have taken the form of personnel asset poaching, sabotage, and attempted hostile takeover. This conflict stems from what appears to be a difference of opinion on resource management.
Elder Foreman Robert Henegar detected a decreased productivity within Primary Production Level 1 caused by mechanical sabotage. The sabotage quickly escalated with various appropriate responses by The Factory. All conflict culminated with negotiations between The Investor and The Questioner.
Routine inspection by Elder Foreman Robert Henegar detected a decreased productivity of 13.827% within Primary Production Level 1. Further examination of the affected areas revealed that a saboteur replaced, through undetected and unknown means, various mechanical elements of essential Factory Equipment and personnel with incompatible organic matter.
Actor Action Factory Response
The affected areas of sabotage increases logarithmically over the course of 13 hours, 49 minutes, and 7 seconds until overall Factory productivity is reduced to 0.003%. Elder Foreman Robert Henegar institutes an altered production schedule dependent upon handcrafting until such a time that machinery can be repaired. This production schedule returns productivity to 8.301% of previous productivity levels, an unacceptable but ameliorated level.
It is noted by Worker Reginald Huff that the floor of Primary Production Level 1 is no longer uniformly pitched and instead bulges hemispherically upwards towards the geographic center of the production floor.
85.023% of personnel assets assigned to Primary Production Level 1 fail to complete assigned production tasks. Examination by Worker Repairman Purdy Baxley detects that multiple key components of personnel were replaced with incompatible organic matter. The continuously spreading nature of this sabotage is assessed by Worker Repairman Purdy Baxley as a Non-Acceptable Infectious Affliction.8 This assessment is approved by Elder Foreman Robert Henegar.
At the suggestion of Elder Foreman Robert Henegar, The Factory Board of Directors approves a controlled burn procedure by which all organic matter will be removed from Primary Production Level 1. An order for supplemental work forces is placed with Asset Procurement - Sub-level 9.
The presence of organic material is temporarily eradicated from Primary Production Level 1, but incompatible organic matter is subsequently detected on Distribution Sub-level 1 by Worker Elbert Rix. Worker Elbert Rix dutifully reports this discovery to Elder Foreman Robert Henegar despite attempts at information suppression by multiple instances of Canis dirus guildayi.910 It is noted that Canis dirus guildayi is not native to The Factory Sub-levels and is to be considered an additional instance of sabotage.
Structural sabotage is discovered when tree roots break through the ceiling of Sub-level 1. Subsequent investigation discovers tree root presence in 78.241% of the floor of Primary Production Level 1. Elder Foreman Robert Henegar orders the removal of all personnel assets from Primary Production Level 1 and Sub-level 1. Personnel assets are relocated to Sub-level 2 through Sub-level 4. This results in a 1.073% reduction in productivity.
A routine patrol of Primary Production Level 1 by Security Officer Newton Thaw discovers the presence of a Nyssa sylvatica sapling. Security Officer Newton Thaw requests permission to remove the Nyssa sylvatica sapling. Permission is granted by Elder Foreman Robert Henegar. Security Officer Newton Thaw attempts removal of the sapling.11 All communication with Security Officer Newton Thaw ceases.12
Due to a lack of security personnel, Workers Elbert Rix and Reginald Huff are assigned to a search for Security Officer Newton Thaw. Worker Elbert Rix is involved in an encounter with an instance of Mammuthus columbi. Worker Reginald Huff returns from the search for Security Officer Newton Thaw unsuccessfully.1314
Upon return of the search for Security Officer Newton Thaw Worker Reginald Huff reports that all rust surrounding the factory location had been replaced with fallen leaves of the Cornus florida and Nyssa sylvatica varieties. The Factory Board of Directors authorizes Elder Foreman Robert Henegar to conduct another controlled burn operation to purge the area of any foreign organic matter. Worker Reginald Huff is provided appropriate equipment to carry out the approved controlled burn duties. All attempts at ignition of the leaf matter in the area resulted in immolation of Worker Reginald Huff's own organic components and replacement of any remaining components with incompatible organic matter.15
Remote viewing by Elder Foreman Robert Henegar establishes that the instance of Nyssa sylvatica has exceeded 30m in height and has nearly reached the Factory roof. The continued growth of the Nyssa sylvatica is accompanied by similar rates of root growth that compromise the the structural integrity of Primary Production Level 1 through Sub-level 5. All employees located below Sub-level 1 are ordered to relocate to Sub-level 6 through Sub-level 12. The Factory Board of Directors considers permission to allow employees to move to Sub-level 13 and below, but at the time, the personnel asset losses that would be suffered through such a move are not justified.
Attritive attacks against Factory personnel assets continue in the form of assault by Mammuthus columbi and Canis dirus guildayi instances. Multiple foremen assigned to the clean up and containment operations around the Factory fail to report for the end-of-day meeting. Upon search of their patrol areas, components of the missing personnel assets were found.
Remote viewing by Elder Foreman Robert Henegar establishes that the instance of Nyssa sylvatica has exceeded 45m in height and has breached the roof of the Factory. Continued root growth has compromised the the structural integrity of Sub-Level 6 through Sub-Level 10. All employees located between Sub-level 6 and Sub-level 12 are ordered to relocate to Sub-level 13 through Sub-level 21. As a result of this relocation, 90.005% of remaining personnel are lost.
The entirety of The Factory surfaces from Sub-level 8 through the Roof-level are covered by Parthenocissus quinquefolia instances. The Questioner infiltrates the Factory, bypassing all security checkpoints and patrols without detection. Descriptions of the The Questioner physically vary between observers, but all observes refer to the entity as "The Questioner" despite the fact that no such information was disseminated to personnel assets. An emergency missive from the Board Of Directors commands the removal of all personnel from the affected area with all personnel unable to leave the Sub-levels to shelter in place, and a moratorium on contact or observance of The Questioner. The Investor is dispatched via transubstantiation to begin Negotiations.
See Document N-58711
In light of the failure to successfully negotiate with The Questioner. The Eastern Tennessee Manufacturing Center is to be considered lost and all personnel unable to leave the location are to be considered Away Without Leave and will be punished accordingly as such a time as The Foreman are capable.
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