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Huge thank you to SunnyClockwork for providing the awesome artwork for the book covers. This page and these books would have been much more bland without it.

Thank you to Rumetzen and Gaffney for their help with assembling the Wanderers' Library ebook.

Additional thanks to everyone who notified me of any bugs or inconsistencies in the book over the past year. The books are better because of you. Please keep doing so.


For the past year and a bit, I've been creating and posting ebook versions of this site. This page is the replacement of the previously-used thread.

The ebooks are licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0, and link back to the site. In addition, the final chapter of each ebook attributes each article to its author, and provides the link to the article. All non-cover images included in the ebooks are those that have been confirmed as available under CC-BY-SA or a compatible license, and they're likewise attributed to their respective creators.

If you're an author on the site, and do not want some or all of your works to be included in the ebooks, please contact me via wikidot PMs or in chat, or post in the discussion thread of this page, and they will be excluded from all future iterations of the ebooks.


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