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Item #: SCP-001

Object class: Euclid

Special containment procedures: SCP-001 is to be guarded by highly-trained personnel from the ████ ████████ Special Forces division, the ████ ████, and members of █████████ ████. Electric fences of height 9 m are to be maintained around the area's spatial divides. Intruders are to be shot on sight, as the contents of the facility built on SCP-001 are highly sensitive. Level O5 personnel are barred from entry due to their sensitive position. Various standard security features are omitted for reasons of brevity, and can be found in Document 19-0001. ANY SATELLITE FOOTAGE CONTAINING PICTURES OF SCP-001 IS TO BE EXCISED IMMEDIATELY BY EMBEDDED AGENT █████████ ████████████ [OP-0041] AND DESTROYED.

Description: SCP-001 consists of a square area of approximately 24 km. This land, and all matter on it, shift geographical location at approximately two-week intervals; the entire area is transported, through unknown means, to one of several hundred different geographical locations. A structure, originally known as the █████████ ████████████████ Research Facility but now called Site-19, was built over the affected area after World War █ in order to prevent unexplained civilian translocation and to provide for a secure storage facility for various Keter and Euclid-level objects seized from ████████████. The land in question shifts position approximately every two weeks (margin of error ±4 days) and consistently relocates to relatively deserted areas, including Greenland, Antarctica, and northern Asia. No instance of relocation to a populated area has been observed. Indications of an imminent spatial shift include mild nausea and uneasiness in stationed personnel; the spatial shift appears to cause no harmful effects in stationed personnel except an involuntary contraction of the Eustachian (pharyngotympanic) tube resulting in symptoms similar to that of sudden altitude changes. No data are available as to the aftereffects of the land onto which SCP-001 moves.

Additional information: Being the de facto location for all movable Keter, Euclid, and Safe-level SCP objects, every effort must be made to suppress public knowledge of SCP-001 and Site-19. Personnel with less than a Level 4 security clearance are not permitted to leave the base at any time. Unauthorized external transmissions from Site-19 are punishable by termination, as is any escape attempt. Supplies are to be delivered through unofficial government channels. Disgruntled personnel of security clearance less than 2 are to be terminated; all other cases shall be dealt with independently. Effort should be made to keep stationed personnel content; the introduction of fluoxetine and paroxetine into supplied food and water has met with success.

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