Eating Crow
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"John's wife stopped coming in to check up on him. I can't blame her, John isn't exactly himself anymore. Nothing we do appears to slow down his condition, psychological or medical. We're at a loss, both literally and physically."

Patient Information

Patient #:_00245686_ Patient Name: _John ███████_ Date of Admission: _05.06.2017_
Sex: _M__ Ethnicity: _Caucasian__ Hair: _Black__ Eye: _Blue_ Age: _32_ Height: _186 cm_ Weight: _81.2g_ Emergency Contact: _Nora ███████ (Wife)_


  • Patient was admitted to psychiatric ward for a psychological assessment after complaints of a sudden irrational fear of birds. Patient reported being terrified of leaving his house due to his newly acquired ornithophobia. Patient's wife convinced him to allow himself to be driven to the hospital, after he began to refuse to eat with her due to being afraid to look out the window (Patient's wife explained that various birds are known to frequent their yard). Patient was discharged after a short period.

Doctor's Notes: After talking with John and Nora, neither of them can explain the former's sudden irrational fear of birds, specifically crows. John appears reluctant to speak or think of them, citing feeling unnerved by their feathers and beaks. John was previously fond of leaving food out for the crows, and neither had any recollection of hostility towards them, even from crows not in their yard. I am suggesting Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and will consider prescribing benzodiazepines (minor tranquilizers) should this condition worsen. Case is considered closed, but I will reopen should they come back in.

  • Patient returned on 05.23.2017 following what his wife described as a 'breakdown' after a crow accidentally entered their house through the chimney. Patient reportedly locked himself in the bathroom and refused to leave for two full days, only leaving when his wife forced open the door and dragged him to the car. As he had not left the bathroom in two days, patient was poorly nourished, having lost a surprisingly large amount of weight since his last visit. Patient discharged after two days, though he was apprehensive to leave. Patient prescribed benzodiazepines (twice per day, by mouth with food).

Doctor's Notes: I spoke to John and Nora again, both of them were nervous wrecks. John can't even say the word 'crow' aloud anymore, which is definitely a step backwards. I'm prescribing him the tranquilizers, and Nora says she'll make sure he's eating right. The amount of weight he's lost in such a short period of time is troubling. He also complained of stomach and lower body pains, but I suspect that's because he hasn't eaten in two days. I prescribed a burger. In any case, I'm optimistic that he can make a swift recovery.

  • Patient returned again on 06.03.2017, complaining of severe abdominal pains, as well as general soreness. Tranquilizers had provided some help in easing patient's ornithophobia, but patient had become increasingly reliant on them, in some cases taking up to twice the recommended amount. Patient underwent an X-Ray, which revealed that his bones were partially hollow, causing significant physical strain. Analysis also revealed the presence of a new mass of tissues that was not previously present, connected to the stomach and the intestines. Patient hospitalized, currently in room 407, with Patient 00247851.

Doctor's Notes: Neither of them seem to have any idea what's going on. Nora nearly burst into tears when the results of the X-Ray came in. John, as opposed to his previous behavior, seems strangely at peace with the situation, though that might just be the tranquilizers. He should be dead from a lack of red blood cells, but he seems relatively healthy. After we left room 407, Nora shared something particularly odd with me, that I hadn't noticed myself. John's eyes were black now. A unique case of heterochromia perhaps? He doesn't seem to be displaying any symptoms of Horner's syndrome or Heterochromatic Iridocyclitis, other medical conditions that can cause a change in iris coloration, nor is he displaying any noticeable vision problems. Though I'm not happy about it, the only thing we can do is wait.

  • On 06.07.2017, patient began to develop numerous keratin protrusions on his scalp, as well as upper arms. While these cause only minor discomfort, they do cause significant psychological distress. Patient's posture has also begun to worsen significantly.

Doctor's Notes: While we're not going public with this for the sake of John and Nora's privacy, we're increasingly at a loss as for what to do. Doctors from halfway across the country are coming in, and we're all drawing blanks. As for John himself, his mental condition is getting worse. He appears to be having trouble understanding me when I speak, and has developed an odd habit of turning his head to the side to look at me. The other patient in his room is a unnerved by his behavior, as am I. Nursing staff are having difficulties accommodating him, may consider a transfer to the psychiatric ward should this continue.

  • Patient moved to room 606 in the psychiatric ward, following an unprovoked attack on Patient 00247851, during which Patient 00245686 left his bed, climbed on top of the sleeping Patient 00247851, and began to bite and kick him, targeting the face, while waving his arms wildly. Patient 00245686 was quickly restrained, and both only suffered minor bruises and scratches. Patient is unsure why he attacked the other man, and became distraught and unresponsive following the event.

Doctor's Notes: I'm not sure what to make of this. I'm beginning to suspect the patient is undergoing some sort of psychosis in addition to whatever is afflicting him physically. Perhaps it's his way of dealing with his sudden fear of birds, by becoming one? On the subject of his physical ailment, however, the keratin protrusions are continuing to pop up. Some of them are beginning to develop soft filaments, like proto-feathers. The mass of tissues we detected in his abdominal region has developed into a sort of gizzard, with a few gastroliths starting to appear. What is happening to this man?

  • On 06.27.2017, patient left room unannounced, and ran down the hallway. Patient was unable to be located for roughly half an hour, at which point a nurse discovered the patient outside in the courtyard, jumping in place, vocalizing in a hoarse tone, chasing nearby birds, and eating the remains of a sandwich stolen from a doctor's office. Patient was brought back to his room without issue. Custodial staff noted a previously unopened window on the second floor was open, with traces of 'black fluff' in the surrounding area.

Doctor's Notes: John's 'feathers' are springing up much faster than they were before. They aren't just keratin protrusions with filaments anymore, they're vaned feathers, with a small number of down feathers beginning to form under them. He doesn't speak anymore, and seems to have difficulty determining when he's spoken to. The psychosis, if we can call it that at this point, has progressed too far. The thought occurred to me weeks ago, but I dismissed it because of the absurdity. Now I'm almost certain. John isn't just adopting the behaviors of a crow. He's turning into a crow. It sounds ridiculous, but it's the most logical explanation any of us have. John's wife stopped coming in to check up on him. I can't blame her, John isn't exactly himself anymore. Nothing we do appears to slow down his condition, psychological or medical. We're at a loss, both literally and physically.

  • Patient reported missing on 07.25.2017. Patient 00245686 was last seen bursting out of his room for no clear reason, and running at full speed to the nearest window, before breaking the glass, and jumping out. The current whereabouts of the patient are unknown, as no remains were found outside, and the fall would have almost certainly been lethal.

Doctor's Notes: He flew away. Of course, we can't just give that as an official explanation, but we all know it. I tried to call Nora, but she won't answer the phone anymore. I'm in contact with a colleague, who says he knows people — S&C Pharmaceuticals, he called them — who may be able to figure out this situation, and maybe even find a way to help John. I hope, for his sake, they can.


Closing Comments

Patient Status:_Missing_
Will be back for a checkup on: _N/A_
Case Status: _Closed_

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