Dystopia Contest

First place goes to Mission Statement, by Dr Reach.

Second place goes to I, Autarch, by Kalinin.

Third place goes to Starch and Cream, by djkaktus.

Congratulations to everyone who entered! Thanks for participating!

Contest Entries

1. Mission Statement by Dr ReachDr Reach, at (+65)
2. I, Autarch by KalininKalinin, at (+62)
3. Starch and Cream by djkaktusdjkaktus, at (+44)
4. Decommissioned by Dillinger PhDDillinger PhD, at (+36)
4. ∆K=(ϑK/ ϑx, ϑK/ ϑy, ϑK/ ϑz) Or: Episiotometrics by EskobarEskobar, at (+36)
4. Let Me Guess, Applesauce? by WaterfireWaterfire, at (+36)
7. The Melody Of Autumn, Passing Into Winter by SoullessSingularitySoullessSingularity, at (+35)
8. I hope you get back to me soon by Dr HysteriaDr Hysteria, at (+30)
8. So Too Did They by Americium241, at (+30)
10. She's Angry and Going South by VivaxVivax, at (+28)
11. Stage Fright by NomadMonadNomadMonad, at (+25)
12. Where Bad Children Go by ZolgamaxZolgamax, at (+23)
13. Cakework by CirclesAndSquaresCirclesAndSquares, at (+22)
14. Aftermath by Agent MacLeodAgent MacLeod, at (+20)
15. Who You Gonna Call? by Doctor CimmerianDoctor Cimmerian, at (+12)
16. Enasni Si Gnihtyreve by A Random DayA Random Day, at (+11)
17. The Fall of a Soyuz by LordSpyLordSpy, at (+3)

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