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Hi everyone. I mostly write about people doing their best under horrible circumstances but I'm branching out.

You can check out my work below. You can also have a look at my list of recommended SCPs, as well as a looser list of recommendations of books and other media.

SCP-6063: EPITHET (+201)
"I’m sorry, it’s … really hard to put into words."
Published: 8 October 2021

SCP-6106: Bibliophobia (+139)
"Without exception, no trace of the victim has been left after an attack by SCP-6106."
Published: 31 October 2021 (nightmarefest entry)
CreepyOtter performed a reading of this SCP on YouTube.

SCP-6182: The Dear Repose (+93)
"Dr Barthes is reminded of his obligation to avoid becoming emotionally attached to anomalies."
Published: 1 December 2021

SCP-6516: All Hallows Wood (+48)
"Doesn't everyone want that?"
Published: 29 April 2022

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