"DStecks"'s Personnel File

Name: Dr. D█████ Stoeckle, codename "DStecks"
Note from O5-█: Are you serious? His codename is DStecks? Does he think he's a [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] rapper? Let me have a look at this file. Looks like it needs some corrections.
Position: Field research, Item acquisition.
Security Clearance: Level 2
History: A recent hire by the Foundation, Dr. Stoeckle graduated near the top of his class at MIT, but soon found himself confronted by his antisocial tendencies enormous jackassery. While he worked for a time at the Smithsonian Institution, he was quickly fired. The Smithsonian's personnel records Common sense shows that they ultimately decided that his talent was not worth his inability to work as part of a team ego. As a result of his actions, the Smithsonian blacklisted him. He has had similar experiences with every other employer he has worked for, including DARPA, NASA, Microsoft, [DATA EXPUNGED], and Burger King. Thus, only the Foundation will employ him, and as such, he receives 10 50% less pay than a normal doctor of his rank.

Dr. Stoeckle must not, under any circumstances, be assigned to a Mobile Task Force for any reason. Rescinded as per approval of P3-EAVESDROP.  

Dr. Stoeckle was either responsible for the recovery or primary study of the following SCP items:

SCP-503: The Luckiest Man in the World
SCP-656: Home Edition
SCP-659: Communal Avian Intelligence
SCP-431: Dr. Gideon
SCP-620: Time Keeps on Slipping
SCP-086: Top Secret, Eyes Only
SCP-816: Darwin's Erector Set
SCP-601: Enlightenment
SCP-782: All-New You
SCP-1055: The Think Tank

Dr. Stoeckle has contributed to the study of the following SCP items:
SCP-242: The False Peacemaker

Dr. Stoeckle was responsible for documentation of the following events:

Dr. Stoeckle's personal workspace

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