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Drowning dutchman, drawn by researcher James.

Name: DrowningDutchman

Real actual name: unknown, probably something dutch.

Description: DrowningDutchman is a pataphysical entity causing a mess for everyone involved.
DrowningDutchman is mainly connected to MTF-Omicron-1 and various SCP documents as listed below. It is unknown what the red line is in the events linked to DrowningDutchman. The confirmed events are listed below.

DrowningDutchman is probably a mess looking at some of the events they have influenced on our layer of reality.

DrowningDutchman has also politely (maybe not) requested you leave comments on this page on how ugly it is, because that will be really funny when the page gets reformatted to be actually good :)

currently attempting to become the best author on the dutch scp wiki, which should not be hard.

They are also a silly little humanoid entity that hangs out by themselves a little too much.

Title Description Link
A Different Phoenix A dog with the anomalous properties of a phoenix. Its death is never permanent. scp-6842
Death of the Artist A memetic kill mural made by AWCY. scp-6589
Printed Problems One of the Gamers uploads some interesting files to the internet and gets roughed up in the process scp-7139
Reuknighted A story about love, loss, and yearning beyond death scp-7319

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