Dr. Israel X. Leibowitz, Thaumaturgical Chemist -- Author Page
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Dr. Israel Leibowitz' ID Badge, redacted for security purposes

Name: Doctor Israel Xavier Leibowitz

Security Clearence: Level-4 D-Class Level-2 Level-41

Current Assignment: Thaumaturgical Chemistry Department, Researcher

Assigned Location: Site-09

Profile: Dr. Leibowitz has been shown to be a valuable skilled necessary member of the Foundation's staff. Dr. Leibowitz was hired on ██/██/████ after having shown competence in the thaumaturgical and chemical sciences. Dr. Leibowitz was mostly hired for his knowledge of amnestic and mnestic compounds and secondaraly for his work in the occult underground, being known to have contacts in both The Serpent's Hand and the "Are We Cool Yet?" GoI's.

Dr. Leibowitz has been shown to have slight above average mental problems peculiarities relating to his time in ████████, ██. This has lead to him having an annoying interesting relationship with the Foundation. Due to his skill in areas of Thaumaturgy and Chemistry, Dr. Leibowitz is not to be demoted past Class-C personnel with a baseline grade of Class-B. Dr. Leibowitz is to be kept away from any and all psychoactive drugs without at least two (2) Level-4 clearance personnel and two (2) members of a qualified MTF standing-by.

Personal History: [DATA EXPUNGED]

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