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The following personnel file shows evidence of electronic tampering from an unknown source. It is possible unofficial changes have been made to this document.

— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA [you’re no fun]

Name: Henry Drom[not important]

Operator’s Tag: Dr. Dromeus [much better]

Security Clearance Level: [don’t worry about it]

Duties: Field Research and Recovery, Documentation Review, SCP Research

History: Recruited after a containment breach of [boring] casualties of all immediate family [whoops you weren’t supposed to this. don’t worry about that.] an aptitude towards anomalous research [borrring] psychological evaluations show signs of [borrrrrring] after assisting in the capture of [BORING] possibly stolen numerous SCP files [ah you weren’t supposed to see that either. whoops.] extreme care taken to [BORRRING] placed under the watch of the O5 Council.

Dr. Dromeus has been involved with the following SCPs:


I know why you’re here.

To know the truth.

To see the man behind the curtains

The real "Dr. Dromeus."

Well then, I shall allow it

Welcome to…

Welcome to my page! So glad you could make it.
Who am I?

Well, that's simple.

I'm me.
Un-certified writer of all things written by me.

Have a seat, and explore the complete works of

brought to you by Dr. Dromeus

SCP-3359 - "The Dry Guy"

It's about thirst. There’s a thirst in that dry, dry body, more unbearable than you could ever think. All I know then is that I need to drink. Blood, more than anything else. All I can do is watch as I kill people, rip them apart.

SCP-3416 - "The Great Anoati!"

SCP-3416: It is too late! This place has boxed me in and refused my wishes! I must express my wrath!

Security Officer ████’s helmet, which was not properly attached to his tactical suit, begins floating two feet above his head.

SCP-3416: The wrath of the great Anoati has begun!

Security Officer ████ grabs his helmet and clips it back to his suit.

SCP-5189 - "Siren Kelp"

Consumption occurs at a slow rate for specimens of SCP-5189, being approximately one bite each half-hour. Because no organs are attached to their mouths, the victim’s flesh and viscera, once chewed, floats out of the mouth and into the surrounding water. This results in a frequent red coloring of the water around instances of SCP-5189.


While useful as incentives for testing, the health risks of a chipmunk consuming a full can of beer and smoking cigarettes regularly have been deemed too high to be allowed to continue.

SCP-7064 -"Manly Man and the Power of Friendship"

Footage from the cell shows that instead of killing D-17383, SCP-7064 noticed a Kansas City Chiefs poster, which led to the two conversing over shared interests in football, beer, and exercise. During this time, D-17383 gave SCP-7064 the name "Guy."

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