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CCTV footage of SCP-████'s corpse mid containment breach

Item #: SCP-████

Object Class: Safe? Keter? One of the two…

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of the object is neither possible nor necessary. If it is spotted in a facility, run.

Description: SCP-████ is a 4ft1 humanoid entity. It has a blocky body structure, and its skin is a red pigment. Many have pointed out similarities to the main character in the video game "████ ████".

SCP-████ will manifest at a Foundation facility 5 minutes prior to a catastrophic event. This is usually a mass containment breach or GoI raid. In all instances, SCP-████ dies a horrific (and sometimes humorous) death. These deaths include:

  • Death by gunshot
  • Death by stabbing
  • Death by asphyxiation
  • Death by closing door
  • Death by falling filing cabinet
  • Death by falling piano
  • Death by what was in the canister2
  • Death by Market Gardener
  • Death by stubbing the pinky toe at just the right angle and force
  • Death by「ZA HANDO」
  • Death by fall damage
  • Death by anti-cheat

Addendum: Following manifestation #18, a notebook titled "Works by DrDapperDrDapper" was found on SCP-████'s mutilated corpse. Documented below is everything found within the notebook.


(Divided by arc, ordered by day of post)

The Scottish Goliath
"I'm assuming it has something to do with the new recruits." Albany said in his thick Scottish accent.

The Minutemen
The three of them jumped to their feet and saluted the commander.

Brink of Hysteria
He blinked rapidly and moved his eyes to let her know he was, in fact, not dead.

Beyond The Depths: Asset, Not Agent
"Is that a fucking kid?" Milo said into his ear.

Beyond The Depths: Foreigners
"Apologies. As I'm sure you've been able to conclude, you and your colleague do not belong here."

Beyond The Depths: In A Flash
This wasn't the first time she had that nightmare, and it wouldn't be the last.

Beyond The Depths: For The Present
The young girl was crying and gasping and whimpering in pain.

Beyond The Depths: It's A Long Way To Go
Iris's lip quivered, then she dropped to her knees and broke down sobbing.

Beyond The Depths: Knife Edge
Concentrating, she pushed the knife into the polaroid.

We Concerned Few
"If this is an inside job, I want to know who so I can personally shoot that son of a bitch in the head."

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