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Item #: SCP-3903 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: Online communities for individuals identifying as ‘Otherkin’, and Elvenkin in particular, are to be monitored for discussion of...
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Item #: SCP-3077 Object Class: Safe Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3077 is to be kept in secured cryogenic storage units at Site-81 when not in use. Any and all storage units used to hold or...
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Herman Fuller Can Shove It Up His Ass
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| Dread Circuses Hub | Clown Breeding 101 with Prof. Richard C Normus SLOTH'S PIT, 1970 The Bottomless Pit wasn’t Jeffrey Hubble's usual watering hole. Its clientele was mostly...
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Fuller & The Factory Funtime Facility, Act III: Industrial Sabotage
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The elevator came to a gentle stop, its doors sliding open with a pleasant chime. The room it opened to wasn’t so much an office as a control center. Banks of bronze, mechatronic computers lined each...
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Fuller & The Factory Funtime Facility, Act II: Industrial Espionage
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It was just a little after midday, not that anyone would know it. The smoke from The Factory Funtime Facility was already so thick it obscured the sun. Though the jagged smokestacks were monstrously...
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Fuller & The Factory Funtime Facility, Act I: Industrial Arts
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October 17th, 1974 “And the sign flashed out its warning In the words that it was forming And the sign said the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls And tenement halls And...
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My Hovercraft Is Full Of Eels
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A Vale Of Tears | Dread Circuses Hub | Oh, I Wouldn't Worry About Flaky-Os “Now keep your eyes covered, no peeking,” Lolly said as she led a blind Icky through the Circus grounds towards the...
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Undead, Insane and Fully Loaded
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A Circus Come To Not | Dread Circuses Hub | A Vale of Tears “Now we take both long balloons, tie them together like so, and… tada!” Lolly proudly presented the balloon butterfly to the small...
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A Circus Come To Not
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Let's Get This Show On The Road!| Dread Circuses Hub | Undead, Insane and Fully Loaded “Pius, how do you keep getting us into these messes?” Eugene asked as he lurched over the side of the...
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Freaky Commodities II: Freak Harder
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She Remembered Me | Dread Circuses Hub | There Are No Strings On Me “So, here we are again,” the Man with the Upside-down Face said as the elevator doors slid shut. “You know, when Burgess did...
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She Remembered Me
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Your Call Is Important To Us | Dread Circuses Hub | Freaky Commodities II ~ Freak Harder “But I also dreamt which charmed me most That you loved me still the same That you loved me You loved me...
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Fuller's Fantastic Fun-Lover's Funhouse
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Fuller Than Full! | Dread Circuses Hub | Your Call Is Important To Us Having been sitting up front, Victor was one of the last to exit the Big Top after the afternoon show had concluded. He...
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Fuller Than Full!
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Former Assets |Dread Circuses Hub | Fuller's Fantastic Fun-Lover's Funhouse “Ladies and Gentlmen, let’s have another big round of applause for Bubble Gum, the tipsy elephant. Try not to feel...
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Former Assets
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A Real Humdinger | Dread Circuses Hub | Fuller Than Full! “You’re not afraid of clowns, are you?” When Victor had been interviewed for a sales rep with MC D, they had asked him a lot of unusual...
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Picture Perfect
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What do you think boys? Is she a beauty or what? The gathered senior researchers looked on in a mixture of shock and dismay at what Clef had hung on his office wall; a framed four-foot by five-foot...
tags: doctor-bright doctor-cimmerian doctor-clef doctor-gears doctor-kondraki kain-pathos-crow tale

Utter Depravity
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The Utterly Bazaar was a very cliche location for a murder. With its foggy haze, cobblestone buildings and spectral flames that vaguely resembled gaslights, one could easily imagine Jack the Ripper...
tags: dread&circuses jam-con2018 tale

Crunch Is A Beautiful Sound
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So, the D-classes messed up Crunchy’s bi-weekly cleaning, again. Oh and by Crunchy I mean 173. I never really cared for the nickname ‘The Sculpture’. I think Crunchy captures his essence much more...
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GoI Formats

Clown Town
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Clown Town Bozocitta, The Mad Province, The District of Columbia Conspectus A self-contained microcosmos outside of the known worlds, believed to border the Nevermeant and the Neverwas. It is a...
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The Kaiju Sea
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The Kaiju Sea SCP-3534-02, The Salvation of the Starfish, Waterworld but not the Kevin Costner One Conspectus The Kaiju Sea is an alternate reality version of Earth, almost completely covered by...
tags: doomsday2018 goi-format pangloss serpents-hand wandsmen war-on-all-fronts

Herman Fuller Presents: The Dread Behemoth
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The Dread Behemoth The Heart Of The Ocean Is No Mere Jewel My Friends! But Rather The Still Beating Heart Of The Dread Behemoth! Come and bear witness to one of the most horrid...
tags: dread&circuses goi-format herman-fuller hy-brasil war-on-all-fronts

The Great Shucks of the Unnamed Lords
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The Great Shucks of the Unnamed Lords Barghests, Shadow Hounds, Big Bad Wolves Conspectus The Great Shucks of the Unnamed Lords are a pedigree of Black Shucks that have been selectively bred1...
tags: chicago-spirit deer-college goi-format jam-con2019 nameless serpents-hand wilsons-wildlife

Herman Fuller Presents: The Amazing Zoltan
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Screenshot-2017-10-8 Dread Circuses Hub - SCP Foundation.png
The following is a page from a publication entitled To the Circus Born: Herman Fuller's Menagerie of Freaks. The identities of neither publisher nor author have been established, and scattered pages...
tags: dread&circuses goi-format herman-fuller

Herman Fuller Presents: Nixie the Nereid
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Nixie The Nereid See Our Sensuous Siren Of The Sea! A Creature As Beautiful As She Is Dangerous! Gaze in awe upon this fair maiden of the deep! She will mesmerize you with her...
tags: dread&circuses goi-format herman-fuller jam-con2018

Herman Fuller Presents: Icky the Magic Clown
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Send In The Clowns! Herman Fuller's Clown Troupe Are Like None The World Has Ever Seen! They Will Delight And Astound You With Their Unearthly Talents! All led by the beautiful,...
tags: dread&circuses goi-format herman-fuller

'Osteotronic Cubes' (VXY33/F7RQ3/9XAD1)
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VXY33/F7RQ3/9XAD1 Status Selling Demand Medium Value 40 000 USD/32 000 GBP per unit Availability Established Supply Chain Identifier Osteotronic Cubes Description Items are anomalous,...
tags: dread&circuses goi-format iris-dark marshall-carter-and-dark

'Fidget Winners' (FDG43/W1NR3/5SLA2)
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FDG43/W1NR3/5SLA2 Status Leasing/Renting Demand Low Value 2800 GBP/4000 USD per pair per monthly lease, 1000 GBP/1400 USD per pair per daily rental Availability Current Inventory 12 pairs....
tags: dread&circuses goi-format herman-fuller marshall-carter-and-dark

'The Dark Web' (DKE79/O2RG5/4JLW6)
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DKE79/O2RG5/4JLW6 Status Renting Demand Medium Value 149 USD/99 GBP per monthly subscription Availability Unique Identifier Dark Web Description Dark Web is a Cloud Computing service,...
tags: dread&circuses featured goi-format iris-dark marshall-carter-and-dark

'Somatic Backups' (SOM64/B2DI5/3GYO7)
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Screenshot_2018-09-14 DrChandra's Sandbox - SCP Sandbox III(2).png
SOM64/B2DI5/3GYO7 Status Selling Demand High Value 3 500 000 GBP/4 500 000 USD per body, plus 154 000 GBP/200 000 USD annual storage fee Availability Unlimited Identifier Somatic Backups ...
tags: brainy-brian dread&circuses dr-wondertainment goi-format herman-fuller iris-dark marshall-carter-and-dark oneiroi

'SmartHex' (SMR82/H0EX3/4DNV9)
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SMR82/H0EX3/4DNV9 Status Selling Demand Medium Value 12000-18000 GBP/15600-23400 USD per contract Availability Unlimited Identifier SmartHex Description SmartHex refers to a line of smart...
tags: deer-college goi-format iris-dark marshall-carter-and-dark

'Thunderbolt Iron' (PE679/RE245/EM285)
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+ Show code - Hide code PE679/RE245/EM285 Status Selling Demand Low Value 8,540 GBP/ 10,500 USD per ounce Availability Current Inventory ~ 3.5 tonnes Identifier Thunderbolt Iron ...
tags: co-authored goi-format marshall-carter-and-dark serpents-hand

'Kaiju Caviar' (OCN39/T5FG6/7HJL2)
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OCN39/T5FG6/7HJL2 Status Selling Demand High Value 440 GBP per serving, 2000 GBP per jar Availability Current inventory is estimated to be approximately 3 million units Identifier Kaiju...
tags: dread&circuses goi-format marshall-carter-and-dark war-on-all-fronts

Herman Fuller Presents: The Indestructible Man
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The Indestructible Man Not Fire Nor Poison Nor Sword Nor Lash Can Keep This Man In His Grave! Watch As He Cheats The Grim Reaper Before Your Very Eyes! Like the Wandering Jew...
tags: dread&circuses goi-format herman-fuller


Dread & Circuses Hub
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Banner Art by Zhange ~ Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting ~ Alas, our renowned founder and namesake is no longer with us. No one seems quite sure where he's got off to. The Clowns say he...
tags: dread&circuses herman-fuller hub

All That Glisters
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+ Show code - Hide code Banner By Zhange Item Listings 'Kaiju Caviar' (OCN39/T5FG6/7HJL2) 'Osteotronic Cubes' (VXY33/F7RQ3/9XAD1) 'The Dark Web' (DKE79/O2RG5/4JLW6) 'Fidget Winners'...
tags: dread&circuses hub iris-dark marshall-carter-and-dark war-on-all-fronts

Document 3477-2
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Document-3477 #2 - Complete List of SCP-3477 Instances Instance Anomalous Properties Additional Notes SCP-3477-1 SCP-3477-1 has been subjected to numerous biological grafts, giving it sharklike...
tags: co-authored supplement

DrChandra's Author Page
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Collaborations I joined the SCP community back in August of 2014. I learned about it from a youtube video listing popular creepypastas. I've wondered if I ever would have discovered the Foundation if...
tags: author


I joined the SCP community back in August of 2014. I learned about it from a youtube video listing popular creepypastas. I've wondered if I ever would have discovered the Foundation if not for that one video. The internet is vast, after all.

First Attempts:
Like most newbies, my first post was a failure. It was an SCP called the Polyocculus. It was a short scrawny humanoid whose skin was filled with holes like that of a Surinam Toad's. It would steal people's eyes and shove them into the holes because it was terrified of going blind. I was going for a little trypophobia and taking a common fear, fear of disability, and ramping it up to insane levels. It got deleted for being a horror movie monster.

Next was a little Fairy Statue that I called the Mneumonic Device that prevented amnestics from working within a mile. It got deleted as well. I had a few more ideas over the next couple of years that I at least had drafts for or got feedback on but never posted. There was a stupid tale about 096 that involved idiotic cross testing, a lolfoundation termination log for 096 (which somehow got made into an SCP illustrated video and seemingly partially inspired consequences and collarbones ), and an anomalous copy of Nobody Poops But You that caused anyone who read it to believe exactly that, which was too silly for the mainlist but not silly enough for a -J.

New Job:
I did not have a successful article until June of 2016, when I posted New Job. Honestly, this is just a silly headcanon I had and I'm surprised it's as highly rated as it is. It is currently my highest rated article (though it is neck and neck with SCP-4040 at the moment), but it has the benefit of being nine months older than anything else I've posted, so I wouldn't call it my best. I actually completely agree with most of the negative criticism the article has received. But as my first post, it was proof that I could create successful articles.

This now has a reading by TheeSherm, which you can find here.

Crunch is a Beautiful Sound:
When I saw there was a 173 contest, I immediately wrote down my headcanon about it inside of a bare-bones framing device and cold posted it. Crunch is a Beautiful Sound was the result. I believe this is my most divisive article, since as of the time of this writing it has 55 votes and an aggregate score of 27.

Osteotronic Cubes:
This was inspired by the tale Iris Dark. I just started wondering what happened after this tale, so I wrote an MC&D format piece about it. I was pleasantly surprised by how well this did.

The Dark Web:
"What are you doing?"
"A sequel."
"… I don't understand."
"Yeah me neither, but we pretty much nailed it the first time."

Micky D's:
"Yeah, I'd like to get a 10-piece McNugget and a bunch of the Szechuan sauce. Like, as much as you're allowed to give me." In all seriousness, this was actually inspired by me seeing the letters McD on a McDonald's cup.

Text Message in a Bottle:
"It’s a bad phone. Chuck it. I downgraded to a clamshell for emergencies only."
My piece for the dickbottle canon.

Kaiju Caviar:
My MC&D format for Stormbreath's War on all Front's Canon.

SCP-3903, Fata Morgana:
This is my first successful non-Herman Fuller SCP, and that was pretty much my motivation for writing it. I just thought that the Fata Morgana mirage was ripe for skipification, and the story developed from there.

Supplement SCP-3477-2:
This is my first and only supplement at the moment. I really loved stormbreath's scip SCP-3477, and I started compiling a list of all the different ways someone could live forever whenever I happened to think of them. When I had enough for all 34 instances of SCP-3477, I e-mailed stormbreath and asked if they'd be interested in a supplement page.

Inspired by the opening line of CGP Grey video, and named after a battlecry from Fury Road.

Habil and Qabil:
Just a weird idea I let sit around for over a year, and finally decided to post when DrMagnus posted an SCP/MLP crossover. That's right.

Utter Depravity:
A short mystery tale I made up on the fly for Jamcon2018. Gave me a chance to expand on the Utterly Bazaar a little bit and set up a D&C tale. First appearance of Ed of Ed and Al's, as well as one of Metaphysicians's Aristocrats, which I love.

A Foul Storm in a Fair Land:
Another Jamcon2018 entry. Like the first one, it probably never would have existed if not for the contest. I set it in the War on All Fronts Canon, detailing the final moments of Hy-brasil's King. I enjoy writting about the Fair Folk, and may produce other such works in the future.

SCP-3189, For The Man Who Has Everything:
Don't have much to say about this one. Basically, it's a wishing machine built by a sad wizard that Darke screwed over.

Updated Amnestics Guide:
Exactly what it says on the tin. I never really like the original guide, so I wrote my own and decided to post it as an alternative head-canon. There's a tacked on narrative at the end because I felt obligated to do so, but I agree that the story's not the best.

SCP-3277, Speak Softly And Carry A Big Stick:
Inspired by a walking stick I own, I decided to make an SCP about wizard staffs that are kind of crappy, and how MC&D could still make a buck off them.

The Kaiju Sea:
My First Serpent's Hand Format, written for Doomcon2018 as part of Team Mikasa.

SCP-3549, Sweet Medieval Bitcoin:
Another SCP based on my version of MC&D, and inspired by 049-J, or at least the image djkaktus links too in the author post.

SCP-3619, You Spin Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round:
Since I write a lot from the perspective of a GoI that actively harbours anomalies from the Foundation, I decided to reverse that perspective and make a Freak who was happy he escaped from the Circus and ended up in Foundation custody.

'Fidget Winners' (FDG43/W1NR3/5SLA2):
I'm out of Rick and Morty quotes that would make sense for these.

Ihp showed me a draft for these things, and I liked it so much I made an MC&D format to go with it.

Over(thinking) the Rainbow:
Some people just want to forget the Pride Logo Fiasco. I won't let them.

SCP-4040, At The Bottom of a Bottomless Pit:
My SCP-4000 contest entry came in at 15th place out of 70 or so entries at the time voting was closed, and is currently my highest rated article on the site. Considering my SCP-3000 entry was quickly voted to deletion, I call that progress.

This was inspired by the ending of the first Black Autumn series, which I was the foremost beta reader on, and in turn inspired Black Autumn II.

Slice of Life:
This was an idea that just came to me, and I decided to write it mainly because it's unlike anything else I've done on this site and presents an interesting look at D-class. It does have a sequel, but that was just written for a contest.

Excerpts From "How To Survive When Reality Doesn't", by Alto Clef:
I mentioned this in the tale "A Circus Come to Not" and someone suggested I should make it its own thing.

'Somatic Backups' (SOM64/B2DI5/3GYO7):
MC&D format I wrote to cap off Darkstuff's Vend-a-Friend series, which he was kind enough to tie into Dread & Circuses.

SCP-4202, Sleepy Clappy Sleep Aid:
My attempt at a short, simple, Series I style magic object.

SCP-4309, Huddle With Us:
Creepypasta monsters!

Herman Fuller Presents: The Indestructible Man
SCP-4680 mentioned an indestructible circus freak. What choice did I have?

'SmartHex' (SMR82/HJ0EX3/4DNV9)
More of Iris being a badass.

The Great Shucks of the Unnamed Lords
Second Serpent's Hand Format, written for JamCon2019.

Dread & Circuses:
But of course, what I'm best known for is Dread & Circuses. I explain on the hub page why I started that series, so I don't think I'll repeat myself here. The first entry in this series was only my second successful post on this wiki, but over a relatively short time span I've generated a surprising number of successful chapters. I'm very grateful to PeppersGhost for creating Herman Fuller's Circus of the Disquieting, otherwise I may never have found such a niche.

Secure. Contain. Protect. (And have a disquieting day)

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