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Dr. Apricus shaking hands with (former) President George W. Bush.

Name: Khan "Kay" Apricus1 (also answers to "Doc. A," "Sunshine," and "Are you high?")

Clearance: High enough to use the clean faculty restrooms

Position: Researcher in anomalies concerning history and technology

History: Born in Arkansas (go figure), Khan attended various schools and lived in a small apartment with his adoptive mother before raising enough money to attend a local college. In his college years, Khan excelled in chemistry and computer science, attaining degrees in both before being recruited by the SCP Foundation.

Khan first joined the Foundation as a Junior Statistics Analyst under the prime supervision of Senior Researcher ██████████ Azula before joining the General Scientific Department. Khan currently resides at Site-19 and occasionally attends to matters at foreign sites.

In 19██, during a very messy ecstasy trip, Khan entered a state of coma and mediatable cardiac arrest after going skydiving and forgetting to pull the string on the bag. Khan landed awkwardly in a watery grass field. Unfortunately, Fortunately, Khan survived the incident and had an excuse to dodge a month of paperwork. Lucky. Due to the scars left from the incident, especially on the face, he opted to wear a Phantom Of The Opera half-mask from then on.

Likes: History, astrology, clinical tone, refrigerator horror2, cosmic horror3, clever takes on existing concepts, chilling narratives, mindfuck4.

Dislikes: Clichés5, rewrites6, sex jokes, spooky wooky monsters7, edginess, offensive ideals8, weak narratives.

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In the event that something happens to me or I have to leave for
an undetermined amount of time, I bequeath my articles to nobody. Let them rot.

A note from Dr. Apricus:

Looking for Idea/Draft Critique?

Don't hesitate to send me a PM on Wikidot, DM me on Discord (DrApricus#2909), or find me on the IRC chatrooms (Apricus) if you need critique on a concept or draft. Make sure to be polite and send a link to the thread and not the sandbox. Thanks. I have a response time of a few hours to a few days so I'd appreciate some patience.

Regarding greenlights: I only give concepts a greenlight when I'm confident an idea will be successful on the site and I no longer have any critique to give on a concept.

— DrApricus

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