Dramps' Author Page (OR: Dramps' article dump)
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Howdy! :)

What's up, fellow cool authors and readers! I'm Dramps, and I'll guide you through my very short collection of mediocre articles! Enjoy your stay!1

Firstly we have 3537. The only special thing about it is that it was my first article ever posted. It still amazes me this thing has never hit negative numbers, although it's probably because it's a Lil' Mister, and honestly who doesn't love some Misters in their lives.

Now we have one of the most mediocre articles you'll ever see in your goddamn lives. I present y'all… 3953! This one is the sad result of a noob writer thinking he could make an interesting article by just spewing out nonsense. I might rewrite it in the future, but for now it'll stay as a reminder that not everything that sounds cool on paper will be good when you actually write on said paper.

Next on the list we have 4640. Now, this one is different. You see, this is actually considered to be a good skip. Crazy right?! I'm still overwhelmed by the crazy amounts of good reception after initially posting it. I mean, it's stuck in the 20s now, but still felt like I somehow had improved my writing. Hopefully in the future I'll make a subsection dedicated for not-bad-but-not-mindblowing-either articles

(coming soon: more lame articles by yours truly)

You're free to go now. I hoped you liked your stay ;-)2

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