Draft Proposal For Programme Arduinosis 9001

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Programme Arduinosis-9001 is to be centrally located in the Ontario province of Canada. This is due to low population density preventing the use of non-human volunteers and patients from being discovered. A facility previously used during efforts to relieve populations inhabiting Nunavut is being repurposed for this project.


  • Individuals recovering from Maxwellian or Cogsworth indoctrination procedures need physical and mental therapy to ensure their well-being.
  • Only the Manna Charitable Foundation is capable of providing the proper care to liberate these poor individuals souls from the machines.
  • The technology and artifacts recovered from assisting these patients may assist in other relief efforts we are performing.
  • The augmentations made to these individuals are violating their basic rights as living beings.
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The timeline for this proposal is dependent on its approval by administration.

Mission Dossier: Arduinosis-9001

The Church of the Broken GoD and specifically WAN have been brainwashing and virtually enslaving all who come to their banner. In many cases, their free will is taken away.

We need to provide therapy and counseling along with surgical intervention for these victims of the Church.

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We hope that, in time, we can heal enough souls from this clockwork scheme to make an impact. I'm sure those who are cured will be grateful volunteers.

With the technology recovered from the victims, we can utilize it to help others affected by many different things.



Mission Work Group

Due to the presence of several unused automatons connected with the failed Automatic Charity Donations Crier mission, the volunteers would consist entirely of android automatons. This will provide comfort and familiarity to the augmented living beings they will be treating. The complete roster of automatons is as follows:

  • Father Christmas Serial No. 890087, commanding the mission.
  • One backup unit for the commander.
  • Eleven feminine Nurse Models and six masculine ones.
  • one thatl never talk to you again.
  • Three Therapist Models, to be rotated between patients or directly connected via data uplink.
  • Sixteen models modified to provide moderate defensive maneuvers to act as security. Only non-lethal pacification techniques have been programmed for them to use, and they are only to act when violently acted on first.

And the mission is equipped with:

  • Surgical facilities for the removal or disentanglement of augmentations or disconnecting wireless adapters.
  • Every room has an electrical outlet in case the patients need to charge.
  • Non-disposable medical equipment and gear.
  • A library where patients can keep their minds stimulated, unless they have entirely mechanical minds, in which case they are to be sequestered until a revere angled lobotomization can be carried out.
  • Amenities for human and humanoid patients to live in the facility full-time.
  • A food-like paste generator for those who do not eat but miss the sensation. This is a very common source of stress among those who have escaped the Broken God, so extra care should be taken to make sure all incoming patients are aware of it.

An added benefit of this mission is that in general, foodstuffs may be kept to a minimum as none of the volunteers and few of the patients require normal sustenance. oh, wow, strawberry paste

Abnormal Assets

  • Augmentations can allow for access to a Church network known as the WAN, which is possibly directly connected to the Maxwellian cult activity. Whatever the case, more persons with these implants have been coming to seek Manna's aid in recent years. These machines must be studied to try to find more effective ways for them to attain salvation. Many of these augmentations require surgical intervention to remove. Some have even wholesale replaced portions of their brains and other organs with clockwork machines. Their designs have been used for creating more advanced prosthesis.
  • The Mechanicaization Virus causes patients to become entirely mechanical. In many cases they cannot be saved here, and the abominations must be sent to another Manna facility for more serious intervention to revive them from those machines.

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Mission Watch Newsletter Draft "BROKEN GOD SALVATION"


#: How we can liberate the downtrodden clockwork servants of a false God. Penned by Dr. Alphonso Marquis, Coordinator for the Committee of Religious Safety.

…. I first learned about this institution from a youth group I was helping study on the weekends. One of the kids brought a shiny, brass gear in and was showing it to his friends. It was polished, smooth, and it was about as interesting as a piece of metal can be. I asked them where they had gotten it, and they said they'd found it by the Tree Cave1 where there had been some unusual characters hot-footing it around that cut of the neighborhood.

I didn't really entertain the thought that these gears were dangerous until one of the best kids I have ever had the privilege to tutor was seduced by it. His name was Sebastian, and he was the kind of kid who would just sit there and listen to every word you had to say if you were trying to teach him something. In other words, a rarity. One day he just disappeared. I didn't hear about him again until he was caught sacrificing dead cars in a junkyard. After that, he was lost. He moved up north, to be closer to his sect. I followed him, for awhile, but I realized that my attempts to persuade him weren't working. I vowed to find another way, though.

i know it sucks to be a cookie. but i the pit of institution agreed watch the brass kids. Don't let go on it then cut the ties. Gears? Give them lots. It's a free sample for start. But later we cut them up into pieces, those kids, this is their last tree fort. Fuck trees I climb clouds motherfucker. Hand out the kids to the candy and take them to the baby. Simple.

No you're not special. Though entertaining, yes. Seduce them with the prize fish because damn i love prizes. Give it to them slow. Give it to them more. Don't tell them to sniff glue but let them know that printer ink tastes like candy. Vow to keep the fact that the boys are back and they're looking for glory. Inky glory.

i cut him down before he had the chance to become toxic. slay the slaves where they stand dozens of times. You had the greatest weapons. Blood and gorefest blood for the skull god. Like a good christian. we had degenerate ai antipathy based on the beast to devour your soul. speak of the final end will have WAN back to work. while you did that i am become a physics math double major. the cutting didn't make you smart, Al

i decided to create verbal diarrhoea to becoming overwhelming. Make it so we knows more gibberish than anyone

after he stopped still being classed as new i went to give sea bass a brain. that kid wouldn't leave let enough alone after. Ive fixed all that junk. It's all over with now. I love e. a better way to think of the future. more slaves.

they shoudl probably feel pretty happy if i surrounded them with my robot slaves to be friends. they need company since no external messages. keep the brains simple and the hands faster. Prevent it from doing an import soul.

I joined with the Global Occult Coalition and as an agent I was an innovator in removing the machine scourge from the earth to never menace a child again. I developed new and exciting types of acids to cut the plague of the machines from their bodies. I would render them limb from limb for, in my own mind, the purposes of salvation. I would reach into their skulls wholesale to tear the cogwork out of their minds to give them one moment of clarity out of a haze of ticking time bombs. I used every weapon I had to fight the WAN. It was a pointless fight. Even as we flushed them out, they grew more influential. All from the internet.

It wasn't working. I had dedicated years of my life to this endeavor and it wasn't working. My conscience wouldn't let me go on doing the work I was doing. I knew in my heart that it was wrong. I had to find another way to do it. I had to find a different way to end this noxious brass nightmare.

My faith started again when I saw him for the first time in years. I heard his voice chanting Dear lord. Forgive me for the data that I have deleted. Give me the strength to turn zeros into ones. Let my alpha be bug free. But he didn't mean it anymore. Older and tired, his body was punishing him for years of abuses and sins. He didn't resist when I came to take him back. He let me wash him, and from there we began to heal him. Today, Sebastian is almost human again and would be an eager coordinator for the mission. His inspirational story has helped others come forward to seek help escaping from the church's clutches.

I've found that the best way to keep everything in order when they're being treated is to use familiar things to prevent panic. The automatons are perfect, as they prevent the patients from feeling self-conscious during their treatment. And we can treat them. We can convert them from their pagan consumerism idols of factories and machines to something constructive, whole and genuine. We can heal them.

Currently, early groups of patients number in at less than twenty. However, I am confident that as we generate more success we will get more traction. For now, we ask for only one thing. A chance to catch some of the sucker overflow from their metal god to our thinky god

This will not be easy.

But we have to try.

Dr. Alphonso Marquis is a sixty-six year old veteran member of the Manna Charitable Foundation. His previous field work in the Global Occult Coalition numbered at ten years, and before then he was a pastor and United States postal employee. He is currently volunteering on the Libyan coastal region.

Programme Priority: Medium-Low. The facility and volunteers are being re-used to keep the budgetary requirements as low as possible. Mission Watch will evaluate whether or not to allocate additional support based on the reception of the proposal and the performance of the mission.

Closing Statement: The Church has been targeting young people for around ten years now. Kids who don't have a chance, living on the streets and wallowing in garbage cans filled with fear and depravity. The time has come to try to save these souls before they're plunged into a lifetime of Pagan solitude. They will become grave-diggers basking in moonlight at the devil's beck and call. Only we can help them. - Dr. Marquis

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