Dr. Zara's Personnel File

Giving his (terrible) impression of Dr. Clef at office party

Name: Dr. T███████ Zara

Security Clearance: Level 3

Occupation: Researcher (Once Rescinded)

Facility Location: ??REDO FROM START

Profile: A brilliant neuroscientist/anthropologist with terrible people skills, Dr. Zara has been ejected from top secret research groups in four countries the before being sent to the SCP Foundation. Not particularly discourteous or perverse, Dr. Zara seems to just have a natural talent to find things to say or do that will infuriate those present, such as explaining the benefits of an open World Wide Web to the Chinese premier or repeatedly asking where to buy ham sandwiches during his stay in Jerusalem University. Notable for spending four of his first six months in the Foundation in Keter duty.

Speaks eleven languages, including, allegedly, English. While his pronunciation in most languages is perfect, his English accent has been described as "a mix between Scottish, Japanese and Venusian".

SCPs Archived:

Other Contributions:
Knee-Deep In The Keter (able goes to hell)
Brother's Keeper (it's going to be biblical)
Pilot (a tale of joy and wondertainment)
Rough Beast (gears in lockstep)

(A box behind the door, the papers within appear to have been trampled on.)

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