Dr. Wood's Personnel File

Legal Name: Dr. Oliver Wood

Current Title: Dr. Wood

Security Clearance Level: 3

Dr. Wood obtained his doctorate in Unusual Physics from the University of █████████ in 19██. After a number a years attempting to develop projects in [DATA EXPUNGED] and gravity, he was approached by the Australian branch of the Foundation. With the Foundation, he has continued to pursue his research in [RETRACTED]. Between ██/██/███ and ██/██/████, Dr. Wood was commissioned as part of Mobile Task Force Zeta-6. After the discovery of SCP-████, his expertise in its area meant that Dr. Wood was reassigned to Argentina to maintain closer proximity for his investigations. He has been based at Site-137 since 200█.

SCPs Researched:

Wood O. 19██. [REDACTED] (Doctoral dissertation) Retrieved from University of █████████. (Order number ██████████)
Wood O & Stockton G. 1999. Solving the Russell-Hitherston problem; a new approach. J Dim Eng. Vol 6 pp 153-154.
Elias JB, ██████, Wood O. 2009. New frontiers in nonstandard directional gravity. Aus Quant Grav. Vol 14 pp 68-72.
Wood O. 200█. Studies in █████ with reference to ████████. J Horol Phys. Vol -3 pp 43-43.
Wood O. 2014. New considerations of [DATA EXPUNGED]; a rebuttal. Int J Theo Horol Vol ██ pp ███-███.

Reports Submitted and Experiments Conducted:
Experiment Log 210-A
Document 1A-533
Document 2A-533 - Can be found on Shelf 24C in Section Fra-Fri in the Foundation Library at Site-137 with copies held at Site-01.
Document 2Ai-533 - [REPORT RETRACTED]
Addendum - 283

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