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The doctor leans down, wraps their arm around
When they open their mouth out comes Wondrous sound
“It’s nowhere new, silly, it is where you are!
You needed a break from the glum and sub-par
In the back of your room, in the back of your head
In the pages of fantasy books that you read
The world is so cluttered with sadness and waste
And it grinds ‘til your brain is a soft mushy paste
So when you need it happy, to get your hands clapping
When you need some presents in neon pink wrapping
You just close your eyes, you think of balloons
You think of big bubbly, kind squishy goons

“When your world is down and you’re needing escape,
Know in your head is a Wonderful place”

Welcome to the Dr. Wondertainment Hub!

What is Dr. Wondertainment?

Wondertainment is a manufacturer of anomalous / magical children's toys.

Wondertainment finds its roots very early in the site's history, all the way back to Super Paper in Series I. Since then, it has evolved to fit some very key concepts:

  • Wondertainment is a capitalist construct.
  • Wondertainment makes children's toys.
  • Wondertainment is childish and playful.
  • Whether or not the previous bullet point is a façade is up for debate.

Dr. Wondertainment may be a company, it may be an individual, it may be an individual that runs a company. Most important, however, is that Dr. Wondertainment is magical, and they make toys. Whether they be toys that aren't exactly safe or toys that are beyond anything a kid could ever imagine (or want), the very basics of Wondertainment is that they make toys. Interpretations range from being warm-hearted and kind to either straight up terrible or more than a little misguided. However their intentions / grasp on the world is perceived, they are inarguably tied to children and child-like behaviors.

So, how does one write Dr. Wondertainment? Well, trust me, I know this is going to sound stupid, but… have fun with it. Yes, you should have fun writing anything, because then what's the point? Specifically with Wondertainment though, I believe that the primary way to write it well is to not worry about logic. If you're going to write a Wondertainment toy, it has to be fuckin' fun. Make your reader want that toy. If you're going to write a tale, make it over the top. Put a shit ton of corgis in it. Make there be a dictator that rules over candy. Even when it gets dark, hide it behind a veneer of fun.

When whimsy goes wrong, it's still whimsy. And Dr. Wondertainment is 100% whimsy, to its core. That's what Wondertainment is all about. If you're an aspiring Dr. Wondertainment writer, your main job is to go nuts, kid.

-Fairy Tales-

Title Author
1 Jack IkeJack Ike
10. Mr. Mission Dr GeraldDr Gerald
1. Mr. Headless Salman CorbetteSalman Corbette
11. Mr. Feather Sophia LightSophia Light
12. Mr. Laugh GwenWinterheartGwenWinterheart
13. Mr. Purple (user deleted)
14. Mr. Brass GrandEnderGrandEnder
15. Ms. Sweetie thedeadlymoosethedeadlymoose
16. Mr. Fish DexanoteDexanote
2. Mr. Clank Dr GearsDr Gears
3. Mr. Money TanhonyTanhony
4. Mr. Lie Salman CorbetteSalman Corbette
5. Mr. Mad thedeadlymoosethedeadlymoose
6. Mr. Stripes TroyLTroyL
7. Mr. ███████████ DrEverettMannDrEverettMann
8. Mr. Moon AnaxagorasAnaxagoras
9. Mr. Clumsy TanhonyTanhony
A Fancy Dinosaur TwistedGearsTwistedGears
A Little Lollipop DrChandraDrChandra
A Shift at The Factory TwistedGearsTwistedGears
Adventuring Interlude DjoricDjoric
And I Think To Myself... DarkStuffDarkStuff
...And I'm the Star! DarkStuffDarkStuff
Assistance for the Boss Lady DjoricDjoric
Austin “Aggy” Genadew DarkStuffDarkStuff
Back in Habit DarkStuffDarkStuff
Be Strange or Be Forgotten DarkStuffDarkStuff
Being John Wondertainment RiemannRiemann
Blood In The Water KaraKattKaraKatt
Calling on the Specialist Jacob ConwellJacob Conwell
City of Wonder™ DrChandraDrChandra
Cornelius the Collector DarkStuffDarkStuff
Costume Change TheGlyphstoneTheGlyphstone
CryogenChaos' Comment Tales CryogenChaosCryogenChaos
'dad', you're too fucking late SoullessSingularitySoullessSingularity
Deceptive Cadence DarkStuffDarkStuff
Do They Know It's Christmas Time At All? Elenee FishTruckElenee FishTruck
Dr. Isabel Helga Anastasia Parvati Wondertainment, V is Displeased With Her Happy Meal devonmartindevonmartin
Dr. Wondertainment Goes Out With A Bang (user deleted)
Empire of Dirt (Part 1) DjoricDjoric
Empire Of Dirt (Part 3) DjoricDjoric
Empty Unmarked Grave RandominiRandomini
End Salman CorbetteSalman Corbette
Epilogue AnaxagorasAnaxagoras
Everything Will Be Okay DarkStuffDarkStuff
Ex Nihilo Nihil MaliceAforethoughtMaliceAforethought
Family Business RiemannRiemann
Fuller & The Factory Funtime Facility, Act III: Industrial Sabotage DrChandraDrChandra
Fuller & The Factory Funtime Facility, Finale: Industrial Accidents DrChandraDrChandra
GOC, or that guy with a gun fetish CerastesCerastes
Hear those Slay-Bells ring-a-ling Mr LapinMr Lapin
Histories DjoricDjoric
Holding an Umbrella but the Sun's Still Shining DarkStuffDarkStuff
Holding On Jack IkeJack Ike
How Is Your Name? DrChandraDrChandra
I Am Wonderful Captain KirbyCaptain Kirby
I Don't Get It, I Functioned Before DarkStuffDarkStuff
Innocence RJB_RRJB_R
Interlude: A Special Letter DrewbearDrewbear
Interlude: An Excerpt DrewbearDrewbear
Interval 1 Salman CorbetteSalman Corbette
Interval 2 Salman CorbetteSalman Corbette
Interviews with Prospective Groups of Interest MrWrongMrWrong
Life's a Show DarkStuffDarkStuff
Lord Blackwood In the Land of Wonder RaddagherRaddagher
Memory Of Days Long Past DjoricDjoric
Miss Heir TwistedGearsTwistedGears
Mission Statement Dr ReachDr Reach
More Like Rainbow Crapitalism ch00bakkach00bakka
MTF Whiskey-Tango DrLeibowitzDrLeibowitz
Museum of Idiots RJB_RRJB_R
New Life DarkStuffDarkStuff
Nobody Wants To See You Succeed DeviantDharmaDeviantDharma
One More Tomorrow LemonsenseLemonsense
Pepper's Lament DarkStuffDarkStuff
Pilot zaratustrazaratustra
Quiet Days DmatixDmatix
Rough Beast zaratustrazaratustra
Santa Claus Procedures: Part 1 Zal CryptidZal Cryptid
Santa Claus Procedures: Part 2 Zal CryptidZal Cryptid
Scenes from Site-64 Jacob ConwellJacob Conwell
SCPoems A Fat GhostA Fat Ghost
SCP-REDD TwistedGearsTwistedGears
Seven Days With Mr. Fish Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini
Snippets of an Unveiled World (user deleted)
Sometimes the Best Intentions are in Need of Redemption DarkStuffDarkStuff
Souls & Somas DarkStuffDarkStuff
Spark of Wonder HotCocoaNerdHotCocoaNerd
Spread the Word HarryBlankHarryBlank
Strange Things Happen at Sea Agent MacLeodAgent MacLeod
Sympathy for an Empath marslifeformmarslifeform
The 12 Days of Site 87's Christmas (user deleted)
The End of Their World Hyper_NovaHyper_Nova
The Good Captain Pt. 1: The Colourful Doctor BuntonBunton
The Real Adventures in Capitalism DjoricDjoric
The Really Really Real Adventures in Capitalism DarkStuffDarkStuff
The Stranger and the Secretary CryogenChaosCryogenChaos
The Streamliner (user deleted)
The Super-Cool Road Trip Adventure DjoricDjoric
The Tinkerer weizhongweizhong
The Toyman And The Doctor RandominiRandomini
they'll always find a Way in Ellie3Ellie3
This Toy Facsimile of Life DarkStuffDarkStuff
To Never Again See The Light Of Day djkaktusdjkaktus
To Think I've Spent My Whole Life Waiting DarkStuffDarkStuff
Total Recall Salman CorbetteSalman Corbette
Transparent RJB_RRJB_R
Unshelved (user deleted)
We Just Make Toys DarkStuffDarkStuff
We Stopped Making Socks (But What If We Made Something Better?) Ellie3Ellie3
We're All Mad Here DrChandraDrChandra
What Did I Come Down Here For? (user deleted)
What If My Love Language is Hurting People? DarkStuffDarkStuff
When It Rains, It Pours Captain KirbyCaptain Kirby
Wonder Amongst Corpses John AsknesJohn Asknes
Wonder World Dossier Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini
yes RandominiRandomini
You and Nobody Else The PigheadThe Pighead
You Can't Win Them All DarkStuffDarkStuff

-Social Work-

-Chapter Books-


Title Author
Liz The GM's Proposal Liz The GMLiz The GM
SCP-009-J DrBerggrenDrBerggren
SCP-1007 Doctor FlibbleDoctor Flibble
SCP-1019 Rex AtlasRex Atlas
SCP-1068 Boulder SmolderBoulder Smolder
SCP-1079 BunsBuns
SCP-1103 VAElynxVAElynx
SCP-111 Adam HendersonAdam Henderson
SCP-1194 BuntonBunton
SCP-1224 DrewbearDrewbear
SCP-1373 minminminmin
SCP-1544 MagikYetiMagikYeti
SCP-1550 Adam HendersonAdam Henderson
SCP-1553 HammerMaidenHammerMaiden
SCP-15625-KO-J fluxmanfluxman
SCP-1564 Communism will winCommunism will win
SCP-1642 Salman CorbetteSalman Corbette
SCP-1696 eric_heric_h
SCP-1842 weizhongweizhong
SCP-1908 MontagueETCMontagueETC
SCP-1916 SmaptiSmapti
SCP-1997 Ink AsylumInk Asylum
SCP-2057 AdeliaSemiforeAdeliaSemifore
SCP-2148 TwistedGearsTwistedGears
SCP-2201 weizhongweizhong
SCP-2210 A Random DayA Random Day
SCP-2228 LordMetaltonLordMetalton
SCP-2284 TwistedGearsTwistedGears
SCP-2287 VoctVoct
SCP-2356 Dr RignarosDr Rignaros
SCP-2396 kinchtheknifebladekinchtheknifeblade
SCP-2428 TwistedGearsTwistedGears
SCP-2445 djkaktusdjkaktus
SCP-2514 mlistermlister
SCP-2757 shades2538shades2538
SCP-2795 deku_linkdeku_link
SCP-2855 TyGentlyTyGently
SCP-2923 ShaggydredlocksShaggydredlocks
SCP-2933 djkaktusdjkaktus
SCP-2983 Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini
SCP-2991 Dr HysteriaDr Hysteria
SCP-3147 Liz The GMLiz The GM
SCP-3301 djkaktusdjkaktus
SCP-3537 DrampsDramps
SCP-3551 BaronjoeBaronjoe
SCP-3585 surbet11surbet11
SCP-3790 djkaktusdjkaktus
SCP-3871 Alabaster-AlabasterAlabaster-Alabaster
SCP-3879 Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini
SCP-3938 BaronjoeBaronjoe
SCP-3992 PentonPenton
SCP-4046 Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini
SCP-4110 AnorrackAnorrack
SCP-4118 KaneurysmKaneurysm
SCP-4139 Gibbon ManGibbon Man
SCP-4225 KothardarastrixKothardarastrix
SCP-4390 djkaktusdjkaktus
SCP-445 CryogenChaosCryogenChaos
SCP-445-EX DarkStuffDarkStuff
SCP-4468 DarkStuffDarkStuff
SCP-4493 kinchtheknifebladekinchtheknifeblade
SCP-4640 DrampsDramps
SCP-4714 devonmartindevonmartin
SCP-4745 CaliboldCalibold
SCP-4876 BaronjoeBaronjoe
SCP-4890 BaronjoeBaronjoe
SCP-4949 Gabriel JadeGabriel Jade
SCP-4982 Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini
SCP-5057 Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini
SCP-527 djkaktusdjkaktus
SCP-5289 (user deleted)
SCP-5367 PedagonPedagon
SCP-549 Skali SharpnoseSkali Sharpnose
SCP-5500 (user deleted)
SCP-5527 J DuneJ Dune
SCP-5555 A Random DayA Random Day
SCP-5760 VaraxousVaraxous
SCP-5813 J DuneJ Dune
SCP-591 LurkDLurkD
SCP-6067 TstafforTstaffor
SCP-6084 Liz The GMLiz The GM
SCP-609 SilberescherSilberescher
SCP-6158 QuicksilversQuicksilvers
SCP-6197 PentonPenton
SCP-6233 NewtonsFourthNewtonsFourth
SCP-629 DarkStuffDarkStuff
SCP-6314 KothardarastrixKothardarastrix
SCP-644 TyGentlyTyGently
SCP-6558 TstafforTstaffor
SCP-6627 PentonPenton
SCP-6868 TstafforTstaffor
SCP-6879 arthcymroarthcymro
SCP-6910 PentonPenton
SCP-7083 ArclundArclund
SCP-7292 RallistonRalliston
SCP-7394 Jack IkeJack Ike
SCP-7964 NielleiNNielleiN
SCP-846 TanhonyTanhony
SCP-905 Salman CorbetteSalman Corbette
SCP-909 Salman CorbetteSalman Corbette
SCP-913 Salman CorbetteSalman Corbette
SCP-917 Salman CorbetteSalman Corbette
SCP-920 Salman CorbetteSalman Corbette
SCP-949 TanhonyTanhony
SCP-958 TwistedGearsTwistedGears
SCP-CN-173 tetsusquaredtetsusquared
SCP-PU1P-J StallmanticStallmantic
SCP-V1L3-J StallmanticStallmantic

-International Imports-

Title Author Translator
Big Monsters DrSSSDrSSS BonneneigeBonneneige
SCP-003-INT Einer von RabeEiner von Rabe and Dr LekterDr Lekter
SCP-014-VN KirQKirQ and StupifPotatoStupifPotato Irina BougainvilleaIrina Bougainvillea

-Other Things-

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