Dr. Whitney’s stinky author page
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Dr. Whitney giving biology lessons to several humanoid SCPs.

Name: Maya Whitney

Age: 52

Security Clearance: 3

Current position: Site-14

Assignment: Pending

Description: Dr. Whitney has been in the possession of the foundation since 1982 and during this time has built up a reputation for themselves. While not entirely trusted by the foundation as a whole they have proven to be a valuable asset while negotiating with several groups of interest.

Dr. Whitney is known to have been a former member of the serpent's hand. Do to a possible conflict of interest Dr. Whitney is prohibited from participating in any negotiations involving the serpent's hand.


Hello, I’m Dr. Whitney. I’m a hobbyist artist and comic book writer. I also occasionally do photo manipulation and other digital art. I have a love for the ocean along with the life found within it and a lot of my art reflects this.

I wish I was a better writer but for the most part I'm an artist. Like many of you though I seek to tell stories but my dyslexia makes that task a bit of a bitch. My art has always been a hobby. I recently got my EMT and I'm working to become a firefighter… very non art things regardless this site brings me joy and for that i'm here.

I dont think ive produced anything special. I like to tell character based stories with crazy creatures and if you like that good. My work might bring you a bit of joy if not no worries. If you have the time, tell me how I could get better.

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