Dr Whitney’s stinky author page
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Dr. Whitney giving biology lessons to several humanoid SCPs.

Name: Maya Whitney

Age: 52

Security Clearance: 3

Current position: Site-14

Assignment: Ethics committee advisor, Anonymous individuals communications and case management.

Description: Dr. Whitney has been in the possession of the foundation since 1982 and during this time has built up a reputation for themselves for there ability to communicate with others. This skill have been used in the passed for negotiation and information gathering however, Dr. Whitney is currently placed in the ethics committee.

Since her placement in the ethics committee Dr.Whitney has worked to improve foundation staff and SCP interactions.


Hello, I’m Dr. Whitney. I’m a hobbyist artist and comic book writer. I also occasionally do photo manipulation and other digital art. I have a love for the ocean along with the life found within it and a lot of my art reflects this.

I have a fascination with prehistoric life and what these life forms must have looked like. This is why you will see a lot of dinosaur inspiration with my art and avatar alike.
I have always found something magical in merging the worlds between imagination and science with ever changing re-creations of dinosaurs. They have gone from these Godzilla-like monsters to a more bird-like and empathic form and I just love that.
I hope to reflect some of this in my stories about monsters and humanities interactions with them over time and perhaps as they learn to humanize them.

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